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Sideload the app with AltStore + AltServer Patcher on Windows


You are having problems with unc0ver or other jailbreak apps. this text will guide you to manually sideload the app with AltStore + AltServer Patcher tool on Windows.


  • AltStore + AltServer Patcher: AltStore may be a sideload tool that’s currently very trusted and is consistently updated.
  • However, AltStore is currently in beta phase, so it’s not allowed to sideload the app from another source, this feature is merely for patreon participants.
  • So got to use AltServer Patcher to be ready to sideload the app itself. Simply put, AltStore + AltServer Patcher = Cydia Impactor.
  • Support both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices
  • After 7 days, you want to connect the pc and sign the app again.
  • No revocation
  • iOS 12.2 and above. However, there are still cases where lower iOS is out there


  • Computer running Windows 10 or Windows 7+. consistent with the author, AltStore only supports Windows 10, i attempted it on Windows 7 Pro, it’s still ok
  • • Latest iTunes version from Apple
  • iCloud for Windows
  • Only use iTunes and iCloud downloads from the Apple homepage
  • DO NOT USE iTunes and iCloud from the Microsoft store
  • AltStore
  • AltServer Patcher
  • Apple ID, should use secondary ID
  • Direct link creation tool
  • .IPA file to be installed: use unc0ver 3.3.0


  • Download and install the specified tools

After installing iCloud, you’ll got to restart your computer, don’t restart immediately, but open the installation folder of AltStore to put in the “setup” file to still restart repeatedly

  • Install iTunes, iCloud and the setup file in the installation directory of AltStore

After restarting, log in to iCloud for Windows with the prepared Apple ID

  • Create direct link

You upload the .iPA file to a particular host in order that the .iPA download link is direct (paste it into your browser and download it now)
Link is a smaller amount than 55 characters long
Open Web server for Chrome and choose the folder containing the .iPA file and switch on Web Server and click on on the link directly under “Web server URLs”

  • Right-click the .iPA file to be installed and select “Copy link address”

You can also upload the file to a particular host and then use a link shortening tool like bitly

  • Proceed to “Patch” AltStore

Install AltStore (AltServer)

  • Open AltServer Patcher (run as Administrator), under “Utility to Install” select “Custom IPA Link”

The purpose of this “Patch” is to make AltServer install your optional IPA, instead of installing AltStore as default.

Enter the newly created direct link and click on “Patch”. The message shown within the picture is OK

  • Install the app
  • Open Alt Server and plug your phone into the computer

Alt Server will be a small icon in the notification bar. Select “Install AltStore”

  • The secondary Apple ID login has been prepared from the start
  • The installation process shows up and therefore the notification is ok
  • If the error “Your session has expired”, you should do it again and operate faster.
  • Later when AltStore officially released, you can sideload the app freely without AltServer Patcher
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