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The only junk on your phone are … garbage apps, this is proof


Google Play is the sector’s largest mobile app save, with extra than 2.2 million apps, a bit greater than Apple’s App save. but, the fact that this range does not indicate that Google gained but at the opposite it changed into a catastrophe. The reason is straightforward, greater than 2 million of those applications, which includes the ones that are purported to consist of garbage, are by and large junk.

These garbage applications advertise themselves as a really useful utility, but in reality, most of them are the means to bring dozens of ads to users, even one of them doesn’t What help for the phone? Most of them are popular thanks to “sweet honey” ads, or even scare users about their smartphones being in danger and require them to install a separate application.

Surprise? All garbage applications are junk applications!

In this article, we can focus on reading the 5 most popular “rubbish cleanup” apps on Google Play store, selected from the day by day list of most downloaded apps furnished through AppAnnie. every software can be mounted on a Blu Vivo XL phone running Android 5.1 Lollipop. All traffic records at the device could be recorded via the community analysis device Fiddler. each software may be examined within a few minutes, and examined almost all the marketed capabilities, except those that require creating user money owed or installing a separate software.

Clean Master​

That is the most popular “trash elimination” app at the Google Play shop, released with the aid of a famous chinese developer, Cheetah cell. The marketed features of the app consist of: easy junk files, accelerate cellphone, antivirus, CPU cooling and more! but, the honestly key capabilities are: marketing within the software; advertisement on the second lock screen; advertisements which are unreasonably inserted into internet pages while the use of the “secure browsing” function; routinely download masses of commercials, sometimes including promotional videos. In short, the main characteristic is advertising and marketing.

but, the software nonetheless has some pretty beneficial features, despite the fact that the coolest capabilities are few but the others are overshadowed by means of the fake ads approximately 2 functions “clean junk files” and “CPU cooling”. at some point of trying out, one of the first matters clean master did became get entry to a few problematic domain names, which include those associated with pornographic and playing sites.

Virus scan results were not found, but the application still shows the message “in danger”?

“Charge Master” is like “Advertising on the lock screen”.

You have to swipe the password while watching a dozen ads on the lock screen

The iSwipe feature also looks pretty cool!

What is more CONFIDENTIAL when letting an application read all notifications on the phone, including private notifications?


The DFafeR PSafe developer redefined the mathematical operations, and in a manner, DFNDR introduced that it had freed up 700MB of RAM, despite the fact that the RAM turned into empty earlier than and while the increase became made. pace ​​nearly the same. Very interesting? Take a range of X minus seven-hundred, yet the result remains X? The identical aspect occurs whilst using the garbage series function, that is equal to the utility completely failing to take away any junk at all.

in addition, its anti-virus feature sends some facts to an internet-primarily based scanning carrier, but most of the time it takes to download and display commercials. A person rated the app on Google Play describing the ad as “predictable”, it’s first rate to know precisely while you will be taken gain of, and in return is a useless service. It did now not assist the phone.

DFNDR reports finding 480MB of junk documents. wait and see the results after scanning!

Subtracting 480MB earlier than and after cleansing the rubbish nonetheless does no longer boom any ability?

Before dashing up, there was 852MB of RAM left, after speeding up, it became most effective 885MB. whilst the outcomes are mentioned to have expanded 700MB.
852 + 700 = 885?

DFNDR inserts commercials into the lock display screen. And greater than that, does a rubbish app require dozens of permissions like this?

Junk Cleaner

Junk cleanser goals to operate as “quietly” as possible, whilst it at once eliminates itself from the application list and is only available thru the notification bar. astounding”! but, the maximum critical function is overlooked by means of the “deliberately” developer, that is the decimal point. The test outcomes seem to have cleared 434MB, however the fact is handiest 4.34MB of deleted facts.

it’s tough to get compliments for Junk purifier, so please permit developer excerpts to compliment your utility on Google Play: “most Android users are tormented by lagging and no longer sufficient. reminiscence while the use of your telephone, if you are searching out a rubbish software, Junk cleaner can be the first-class desire. loose to strive it now! “… Of direction, don’t pay attention to ads.

The message cleared 434MB, but the truth was that only 4.34MB of data was deleted?

SUPO Security

An “very safe” application, it’ll no longer be available after one use. The analyst needed to installation the app a 2nd time, because SUPO protection first blocked get entry to to the Google Play keep and deleted most of its facts. So what’s left over? it’s a carrier running in the history of the utility, which constantly pings every 2 seconds to a chinese language QQ server. Many customers have additionally stated that their phones have continuous hidden programs hooked up when SUPO safety is hooked up.

moreover, doing away with it is extremely difficult, as it has formerly requested access to disable utility uninstallation, except the user knows exactly wherein to turn off get entry to. where is that

What if the phone is cooled like this?

After clicking Resolve, absolutely nothing happens

Unexpectedly, the application deleted itself however nevertheless left messages caution customers to clean up the telephone

Junk Cleaner / Junk Cleaner Lite

In step with what the developer has advertised: “clear out the junk, optimize your smartphone performance in a expert way. Make your device appear like it is been revived.” beginning with Junk purifier Lite analysis first, but, analysts speedy found out they wished more capabilities, and they hooked up the entire version to get quite a few “beneficial capabilities”. in reality you guessed it? That characteristic is referred to as advertisements.

similar to clean master, analysts find some of elaborate advertising sources, one among which has been connected to a previous Android malware distributor, at the side of a range of stores. pop-up popup and a lock display full of ads. apparently, this software seems to be “low-cost,” whilst reporting much less RAM utilization than you without a doubt are. this is counterproductive for an utility designed to lie approximately freeing reminiscence.

In Android settings currently using 1010MB, does this app only write 897MB?

Just installed Junk Cleaner, it immediately showed the ad inviting to install Junk Cleaner Lite

Introduces the SmartBoost feature known as … SmartAds. sure! a number of commercials are exceptional


Maximum of the programs which are taken into consideration “rubbish” are garbage applications, which trick the consumer with numbers of garbage facts, making them sense burdened and then constantly “thrown into the eyes” of people. use a ton of advertising to profit from it. lamentably, the popularity of these phishing apps is getting larger, largely due to the fact Google is actively promoting customers on the Google Play keep, along with many device providers which have Pre-installation them on their phones.

even though most effective 5 “garbage series” apps are taken into consideration to be the maximum popular and all are rubbish apps, similar non-famous apps share the identical fate. consequently, using those scams is spreading as a manifestation of the worldwide climate, although it isn’t feasible to reduce the lifestyles of those unsolicited mail applications, however you ought to not use and delete them. straight away to keep away from draining the battery and no longer being taken gain of anymore.

No actual garbage application?

Yes, but they are not as common as the above scam apps. Suggest some real and very good junk applications, are appreciated by many users, and of course, not scams

CCleaner – Free

Well-known on laptop, CCleaner maintains to develop on cellular structures and has no longer upset users. The method of operation is quite simple, does no longer require set up of another programs, nor does it show ads. CCleaner merits to be taken into consideration a real rubbish cleaning utility.

Greenify – Free

This isn’t always virtually a garbage purifier software, however it’s miles an excellent battery saver software. It has the capacity to freeze and convey lively applications into hibernation to boom battery lifestyles. And of route, Greenify has no advertisements. instead, customers may have the option to purchase a aid package. With the support bundle, customers will be allowed to hibernate the machine applications, disabling hidden sync functions of the history applications.

Android gadgets now even have a built-in cache cleaning feature in the settings. users just need to go into that characteristic inside the settings and delete them, no want to install 1/3 birthday celebration packages anymore.

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