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Games and apps are free for iOS on December 24, 2022


Roundup of free apps and games for December 24, 2022. Because the duration of these free and discounted courses is usually very short

Due to the time difference and each developer’s decision to distribute by region, it is recommended that you read the article before 12:00 noon on the day of the article and pick it up in the US App Store, so as not to miss the opportunity to own it. Because these apps and games are usually free for a short period of time.

Apps and games that may be controversial in terms of business model or free approach will not be listed in the article.

Of particular importance: the prices shown in the frames of applications and games in this article may be inaccurate due to technical reasons beyond the author’s control. It is better to click Download to check and get the most accurate information.

Voice counting app is very convenient for you to practice. Original price $0.99.


The drumming app for musicians in live performances or rehearsals. Original price $9.99.


App for weight loss people, help track everything that can impact your weight. The game is free for life through IAP, requiring you to download the app and purchase this IAP for 0. Original price $9.99.


App identifies what tree through the photo of the Vietnamese author. Original price 2.99 USD.


App for those of you who want to get into the habit of reading English every day. Original price $0.99.


App ruler is very useful to apply in life. Original price $0.99.


App converts more than 160 different currencies around the world. Original price $0.99.


App tool to help you compose music anytime, anywhere. Original price 2.99 USD.


App similar to above but more features. Original price 3.99 USD.


App is similar to above but with more features. Original price $4.99.


App reduces screen brightness of iOS devices with gestures. Original price $0.99.


The App makes it easy to manage multiple email accounts, specifically an unlimited number of accounts. Original price 1.99 USD.


App to practice math for young children. Original price 1.99 USD.


App tool to help you practice typing fast on iOS devices and Macs. Original price 0.99USD


App helps you to monitor your contact lens usage. Original price $0.99.


App tool to help you create e-cards easily. Original price 1.99 USD.


The handheld calculator app comes with a scale that uses augmented reality technology. Original price 10.99 USD.


App makes a list to prepare for a long trip. The application is free with the Pro version through IAP, requiring you to download the app and buy IAP for 0 dong. Original price 2.99 USD.


Professional recording app. Original price $9.99.


App provides moving wallpapers for you to decorate your iOS device. Original price 1.99 USD.


A very attractive point-and-click puzzle game that escapes from a closed room. Original price 1.99 USD.


The racing game has a hard-running gameplay with retro cyberpunk graphic style and synth wave music that evokes a lot of nostalgia. The game is free IAP remove ads that require you to install the app and buy this IAP for zero. Original price 1.99 USD.


Strategy game with minimalist design, possessing tower defense gameplay. Original price 2.99 USD.


Game find similar pictures similar to Pikachu but with images suitable for children. Original price 1.99 USD.


Paper plane shooting game is fun to play, very good to kill time. Original price $0.99.


App fun entertainment for children about the character Carl can talk, sing, even play with him. Original price $0.99.


Scenery game for all ages, very suitable for the Christmas season. Original price $0.99.


The game is a variation of the classic snake game, which can be played by two people against each other. Original price $4.99.


Puzzle game for all ages.
‎Fill me up – Block Brain Game!


Puzzle game “filling the blank” with graphics and gameplay is simple but no less challenging. Original price 1.99 USD.


Tetris variation puzzle game, can be played by two people over a Wi-Fi connection. Original price $4.99.


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