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Increase the speed of opening Windows folders


Having a hassle anticipating windows to open an exceedingly long folder notwithstanding a terrible device configuration. In fact, commencing fast or sluggish isn’t always an error, it’s far a function of home windows.

That is an Automatic Folder Type Discovery function that enables home windows automatically test, pick out documents interior and then classify that folder.

Folder type photos may be optimized through home windows to open picture files, in case you save other sorts of documents which include video games, song, movies, … then the loading velocity will be tons slower.

to conquer this situation, you simply need to trade the folder to contain many exclusive files, the velocity of establishing the folder will improve.

  • Right-click on the folder that opens slowly and select Properties
  • Open the Customize tab, Optimize this folder for books, and select General items
  • If you want to Apply all subfolders inside, then click the Also apply this template to all subfolders box
  • Finally, click Apply and OK to finish
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