Experience before the game mode new Map PUBG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile is one of the most updated mobile games to keep the number of players engaged and entertained with new content. The developer added many different new modes such as Zombie, Team Deathmatch mode, Pay Load mode, and many other features to PUBG Mobile to make the game more interesting. If you want to experience the exciting things that PUBG Mobile brings to you, be a part of PUBG Mobile Beta Testing Group.

If you want to experience the early updates of PUBG Mobile early, this is a unique opportunity. Just visit the link below, answer the PUBG Mobile surveys, give the developer your feedback and become part of PUBG Mobile Beta Testing Group.

You may be requested to fill in all data approximately your in-recreation account, such as id, username, contemporary account degree, rank, play behavior, … eventually, your electronic mail to they’ll contact you. further, you furthermore may have the possibility to receive precious rewards for collaborating within the pilot application.

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