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Instructions to download and install Windows 11 compact and lightweight Tiny11 for low-profile machines


Windows 11 promises to bring many new features, a beautiful interface, and smoother stability than previous versions of Windows.

But even though Windows 11 offers a major upgrade, it’s still very resource-intensive and can render old PCs unusable as smoothly as before.

The slimmed-down version of Windows 11 called Tiny11 is optimized and reduced in size to help you experience Windows 11 on low-spec PCs and laptops.

Specifically, Tiny11 was created based on Windows 11 Pro 22H2 and is only 3 GB in size, while the Windows 11 ISO download is a whopping 5.1 GB.

This miniature version includes basic functions such as calculator, notepad and drawing. It also maintains the Microsoft Store, so users can install any other Microsoft software they need.

The system comes with a local account by default, and an online Microsoft account can also be used.

However, as you might expect, most of the resource-hungry animations have been removed from this release, including some user-favorite app opening animations.

You also won’t find other standard Windows apps, including Windows Defender and Xbox services.

However, removing them also means that Tiny11 will be faster, lighter, and smoother than Microsoft’s original version of Windows 11.

install super lightweight version of Windows 11

Download the installation ISO file of Tiny11 by following the link

Download Rufus software (create USB install Windows 11 Lite)

Open the Rufus software, plug the USB with a capacity of about 16GB or more into your PC, in the Device section > select the correct USB you just plugged in.

Boot selection > select SELECT > select the Tiny11 ISO file you just downloaded

press the START button without having to change any other settings, note this will completely erase the data in the USB

This process may take 2 to 10 minutes. Once done, you will see the following message, please press the CLOSE button.

install Tiny11

Start your PC, repeatedly press the F12 button to enter the Boot Menu (this button can be F2, F8 or Del depending on the mainboard you are using)

In the Boot Menu > you select the USB you just plugged in

You should now enter Windows installation in a few minutes and you can follow the same as in a standard Windows 11 installation

In the partition selection screen, select the hard drive partition where you want to install Tiny11

Tiny11 installation may take some time to complete. Once done, you can unplug the USB and restart your PC

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