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How to Play MKV Videos on iPhone or iPad


MKV files can be played on iPhone or iPad using VLC

VLC is a free media player that can be used on computers. Its creators have also created a mobile app that can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store.

This mobile app is free, just like the desktop version, and you can get it from the App Store.

The VLC application can play many different file types, including MKV. So you can play MKV files on your iPhone or iPad anytime, anywhere, without having to use additional third-party software to convert file types.

How to Play Downloaded MKV Files on Your iPhone or iPad

When you download a video to your iPhone or iPad, it goes to the Downloads folder in the Files app. When you tap on an MKV video, you’ll see nothing but a blank page with the title and file size.

So, once you’ve downloaded the VLC app, do the following to play the MKV file on your iPhone or iPad:

Open the Files app and find your MKV video there.
Click the Share button (the square with the arrow coming out of it).
How to play MKV videos on iPhone or iPad without converting

Select the VLC app.
The VLC app will now start playing your MKV video.
How to send MKV videos from computer to your iPhone and iPad
If you’ve downloaded the video to your computer but want to watch it on your iPhone or iPad, the fastest way is to share the video directly with the VLC app over Wi-Fi. This is the way:

Use the same Wi-Fi network as both your iPhone (or iPad) and your computer.

Select the Network tab in the VLC app on your iPhone or iPad.
Turn on Sharing via Wi-Fi. This creates a unique URL.
How to play MKV videos on iPhone or iPad without converting
Type this URL in your web browser’s search bar and press Enter.
Click the Add (+) button on the page that appears to add the video file.
The video is successfully added to your VLC playlist when the loading bar reaches 100%.

Go to the Videos tab on your iPhone or iPad. You can now watch your videos on your phone or tablet.

While Apple’s default apps don’t work with MKV video files, you don’t need to waste time converting them and risk losing the quality of the video. With VLC app, your iPhone and iPad can easily play MKV files.

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