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Apple will launch foldable iPad in early 2024


According to Ming-Chi Kuo sources, Apple may be working on a foldable iPad, which is expected to launch as early as next year.

Kuo said he was very optimistic about the news, adding that this particular device could help boost Apple’s sales in 2024.

In addition, he also predicted that the production date of the new generation of iPad Mini will be 2024.

While not revealing much about the foldable iPad, such as the hinge or the dimensions of the machine, Kuo said it will feature a stand made of carbon fiber, made by Chinese supplier Ansett Technology.

In February last year, analyst Ross Young gave information that Apple will have a device with a folding screen, but 2024 is obviously earlier than people think.

According to Young, the device could be an iPad or MacBook with a screen size of about 20 inches that folds, but it won’t be out until 2026.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman also later reported that Apple was working on a device with a dual-fold screen, meaning the bottom half of the screen would act as a virtual keyboard, while the top half would be used to display content.

Gurman didn’t reveal a specific release date at the time, but he didn’t say until last October that Apple could launch the device “by the end of the decade.”

This isn’t the first time Kuo has made predictions about Apple’s foldable devices. 2 years ago, he said that Apple will launch a folding screen iPhone this year – 2023. Rumors of foldable smartphones have been running out of steam lately, so it might be time for a device. so far.

In addition, Kuo also expects iPad shipments to decline by 10% to 15% year-on-year in 2023.

The reason is that the sales of technology companies actually skyrocketed during the epidemic. Now that everything is back to normal and shopping needs are different, a decline in sales is definitely inevitable.

Production of the next-generation iPad Mini is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2024.

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