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Disguise iPhone apps to restrict unnecessary access


X Icon Changer
X Icon Changer is a completely free app that works on Android and iOS.

This application can help you change, customize “disguise” any application with different icons and names.

About these new icons, you can fully customize by choosing from a collection of other app icons.

Besides, the application developer also provides you with a lot of personalized icon packs to help you unleash your creativity in your own style for the phone interface.

Download the app X Icon Changer


After successfully installing the X Icon Changer app on your device, the app disguise method is the same for both Android and iOS

you click to access the application X Icon Changer

Once inside the app, you need to select the app for which you want to create a camouflage cover. You can click on the search bar or scroll down the page to find and select the app

you need to choose “new shirt” and “new name” for the app

To change the icon, you can choose the icon based on the suggested theme provided by the developer.
In addition, you can create your own style by switching from the icon interface to the photo interface.

Here you can take a photo or select an existing photo from your gallery.

However, if you choose a photo from your gallery, you need to see the ad first

After choosing a new name and new icon to disguise the application, click OK in the upper right corner to save the newly created version of the application.

You must add this cover to your home screen. This step will be different when done on iOS and Android.

In iOS, after completing step 5, you will immediately be redirected to a website.

At this point, please click on the function extension icon located in the middle of the utility bar at the bottom of the screen >> Add to main screen >> Add to complete adding the application to the main screen.

In Android, after completing step 5, you need to grant permission so that the X Icon Changer app can add a shortcut to the home screen.

At this point, the application will redirect you to the place to grant application permissions, please click on More permissions >> click on the “red x” icon >> Always allow to complete adding the application to the main screen

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