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Download Google Camera 8.3 MOD based on Android 12 for many Android devices


BSG modder continues to release a new update for Google Camera 8.3 app based on Android 12 for many Android devices.
Brings most of the changes and new features to the original Google apps, high compatibility and install success rates.

Google Camera 8.3 MOD will provide notable features like the 5x zoom option or Zoom Toggle Ultratele.
Also, through this version, you can use all the auxiliary (optional) lenses in your Android phone.

In addition, added features from GCam 8.1, 8.2 and 8.2.4 such as ultra-wide lens, cinematic panning for video, night sight in portrait mode, portrait light,
Google Photos Editor, Add FPS Lens Range When Manual Aim,
Separate motion resolution for each lens, adding background processing check on every reboot.
Now the application does not restart and does not destroy the processed image,
Added additional parameters (factors) to Exposure Time / ISO Control.

Currently, the MOD version is made by dev BSG, one of the most reputable modders in the Google Camera community with quality installers, compatible with many Android devices and can work on many devices. running background Android 12, 11, 10 or earlier.



GCam 8.3.252 V0e

  • Added “ASTRO ON” (astrophotography is only limited by this mode’s minimum shutter speed)
  • Added enable/disable DNG image compression
  • Fix image blur in low light
  • Fix image retention in low light
  • Fixed PD format identification error

GCam 8.3.252 V0d

GCam 8.3.252 V0c

GCam 8.3.252 V0b

GCam 8.3.252 V0a

GCam 8.3.252 V0

Google Camera 8.3 MOD
Google Camera 8.3 MOD
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