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Instructions to sync Philips Hue lights with music and videos


Function to change color and blink according to music / video. This function is quite fun, it will feel the music beat or sample the colors on the computer screen to change the color of the lights accordingly, creating a more interesting and integrated space.

Up to 10 bulbs can be used with this function, from bulb lights to LED lights, for a better experience when watching movies and listening to music.

  • With music: use microphone or audio output to know how fast the music is slow, how the music is beat to change the corresponding light color
  • With video: sample the average color on the screen then to change the corresponding light, if the mode changes according to the sound of the clip, the lamp will change with both video and music

To use this function is required:

  • For macOS and Windows, use the official Hue Sync application
  • For Android and iOS phones, there is no official app, must use iLightShow third-party app to achieve the same effect, only applicable to videos

Install the Hue Sync app on your computer, you will be asked to press the round button on your Hue Bridge to confirm that you are the owner.

Click done and all other syncing will be done automatically. You do not have to sync from the beginning.

However, Entertainment Area is required on the phone. You use your phone to open the Philips Hue app> select Settings> Entertainment Area> create new. Following the onscreen instructions, the most important piece is to choose the position of the light. This position needs to correspond with your actual lamp position for the best effect.

On the computer, exit Hue Sync app again and again, and will see the entertainment area created. Choose it, choose lighting mode for music, video and select the main color, then click Start Light Sync. Immediately you will see the light change color according to the beat of music, frame by frame appears on the screen.

In this interface, you’ll be able to alter the degree of discoloration: a mild soft amendment, or a pointy transition between colours and lightning. The row below conjointly permits you to settle on the colours you prefer.

Note: when finished, press Stop Light Sync so that the light can be controlled from the app and other applications (including Google Assistant)

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