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enable split screen feature in Microsoft Edge


Microsoft has added a new split screen feature called Split Screen to Edge Canary. Split screen, which allows you to use two tabs side by side in a single Microsoft Edge window, is part of the upcoming Edge project “Phoenix” that aims to refresh Microsoft’s browser.

After a short test period and a few changes, Split Screen is gearing up to go public.

You can enable split-screen functionality in Microsoft Edge version 110.0.1587.46 or later. While the feature is available, it still requires you to enable it in the flags.

According to Microsoft’s roadmap, the split-screen feature will be available to all Edge users in April this year, so the company still has time to finalize the feature and fix bugs.

enable Split Screen feature in Microsoft Edge
Update Edge browser to the latest version by pasting edge://settings/help in the address bar

Turn on Microsoft Edge Split Screen and restart the browser.

You should now see the Split Screen feature on the toolbar and select the tabs you want to keep side by side.

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