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Latest Google Camera 8.7 MOD for All Android Devices


Latest MOD version of Google Camera 8.7 for all Android devices, based on the original version extracted from Pixel 7, you can install it if you have upgraded your device to Android 11, 12 and 13

What’s new and new in Google Camera 8.7

To highlight the new zoom feature, head to Settings > Gestures, and you’ll see the Double-tap option is back, with controls for zooming, camera toggles, or off. Google also removed the launch shortcut on the dual-camera Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G.
With a double tap, you can go from 1x to 2x (on Pixel 7), and the new zoom UI appears above the shutter button.

In Settings, you’ll also see the Return to “Usual Face” option, which was disabled back in May.
When using Top Shot, the feature “prioritizes the people you photograph most often” and helps “the camera more accurately represent skin tones and recommend the best shots.”
Regular face data is only saved on one device, and this part of the information will also be deleted when this function is turned off.

Google Camera Mod
Google Camera Mod

In the camera viewfinder, holding down will no longer launch Google Lens, but will instead give you a fine-tuned focus lock, marked with a yellow square/icon compared to the previous circular indicator.
In terms of icon tweaks, Camera 8.7 replaces the general settings gear in the top left corner with an icon that defines the current mode.
Likewise, Sports Mode has a new icon (in the shutter button).

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