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iOS app is free for a short time September 21, 2019


Currently, on the App Store store is free of many attractive paid apps, the list of $ 19 iOS apps is free for a short time, quickly download before the time is over.

To calculate on the phone you have to open a separate spreadsheet application, which is quite inconvenient if you’re busy texting with someone. However, Mini Calculator will add a personal computer tool right on your keyboard.

The application supports photograph editing, which facilitates to bring out the difficulty by making use of bokeh without using specialised lenses for the digital camera.

The application helps create an extremely unique photo-blending effect, making your photos more unique.

Perfect photo editing application to make your photos look great in seconds, it has many beautiful effect filters, and many powerful photo editing tools.

  • DOWNLOAD: Art filters +
  • ($ 1.99> Free / Offers In-App Purchases / 47 Ratings / App Store)

Photo editing application with lots of effects and artistic color filters, make your photos more eye-catching.

  • DOWNLOAD: AdBlock X
  • ($ 1.99> Free / Offers In-App Purchases / 4.5K Ratings / App Store US)

The app gives you the ability to block ads that use javascript, pop-ups or contain hidden links with auto-open function after touching the device screen.

This is a huge repository with over 500 thousand still and dynamic background images. All are classified according to different owners, can be compatible with all iO devices

Exposure photography app with many custom modes, making your photos more eye-catching

File management tool for iOS devices. You can easily download or sync files from iTunes, Dropbox, Email to your device. Besides, File Manager also supports some other useful features such as printing, compressing data, creating folders or moving data.

  • DOWNLOAD: Heavy Blade
  • ($ 1.99> Free / Offers In-App Purchases / 21 Ratings / App Store US)

Action RPG with beautiful 3D graphics and extremely attractive sound for iOS. Join this game, players will face many dangers in a dungeon.

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