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How to transfer photos from iPhone/iPad to Windows computer


Not everyone who uses iPhone/iPad also uses Mac computers, many people because of the nature of work have to use Windows computers and syncing photos iPhone and Windows computers is always an obstacle for users. there
Easiest way: use Windows 11’s default Photos

For Windows 11 users, especially version 22H2, the default photo viewing software Photos has integrated iCloud Photos, users only need to log in to their iCloud account and all images will be synchronized with their Windows computer. it’s easy.
But to do that, users are required to install the iCloud application for Windows, the download link is here.

My experience using iCloud Photos integrated in Windows 11 is great, photos sync very quickly, you take a photo on your iPhone, it’s less than 1 minute after that photo has been synced via Windows. All you have to do is copy the picture and put it in any folder on your computer that you want.

Note, Windows computers also need to install extensions such as HEVC, HEIF to read image files taken from iPhone, you can refer below:
Install iTunes

iTunes on Mac computers has been integrated into Finder by Apple, but for Windows users, iTunes is still useful, it is a tool for iPhone / iPad users to restore when using a Windows computer.
iTunes also has the ability to move photos from iDevices to the Windows system via File Explorer.
After installing iTunes, users connect the iDevices cable to a Windows computer via USB and then a folder with the device’s name will appear in This PC.
Now you can access it like a normal folder and copy multimedia files to the Windows system easily.
Photos taken from iPhone/iPad will usually be in the folder Internal Storage → DCIM.
However, with the above iCloud settings, by default in File Explorer, the iCloud Photos folder is already available, you can also use that same folder to copy images to the Windows system.

Personally, I find using iDevices with a Windows computer is not a bad experience, of course it will not be as seamless as using it with a Mac computer because Windows computers do not have Handoff.
However, in Windows 11 I see that Microsoft and Apple clearly have a partnership to improve the experience

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