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free and discount 9 titles worth playing on Play Store September 27, 2019


Free and discount 9 titles worth playing on Play Store. for Android smartphones, quickly download before the offer ends

In Shadow of Death: Stickman Fighting, you will play the role of a brave warrior on the battle journey and try to remove the rafts of darkness from the kingdom where you live. Throughout the journey, you will collect legendary equipment and weapons to increase your stamina and combat ability to be able to cope with strong enemies.

The shadow of death graphics are inspired by light and shadow, creating absolute contrasts, plus spectacular effects from hero skills and combos, that will make you feel overwhelmed the first time. experience.

In Survival Island: EVO PRO you will be taken to a strange island with dangerous wildlife, have to perform dozens of missions, as well as find a way to survive as long as possible. You wake up on an island with no teams, no water or food, no clothes, and only a boring head and a bunch of questions. You must survive by all means and return home. It won very easy to get going.

This is the classic space combat game, allowing players to control a spaceship, collect items that help upgrade the power and activity to destroy enemy warships in their flight. Features: 6 different ships, Higher level than regular version, interesting level and game play, good control feeling.

In Survivor Adventure you will have to adapt to the wild nature on an unfamiliar island, perform dozens of missions every day, collect the necessities to survive as long as possible. Search for food, build shelter from monsters, plant trees, craft weapons, domesticate or hunt animals and survive. This new survival simulation includes advanced manufacturing systems, large quantities of starting resources, wildlife and weapons. New survival and craft are waiting for you! Is this your last day on earth.

Castle Of Awa (relaxing challenges) is a fascinating card puzzle game, requiring players to move a block to the specified destination within a safe time. Discover the mystical challenges of this relaxing puzzle by exploring various mazes that will make you think for hours. Awa Castle was developed with a set of goals to be achieved, allowing you to play countless times without getting bored.

A puzzle game mixed with a bit of horror in each level, the main task you need to perform is to discover the hidden items in each room and find clues for the next level. Discover hidden items in many different rooms and find clues to escape. Occasionally you may find items that will reveal secret rooms. Of course, you must identify the correct ways to use them. The secret room door is not easy to open.

In this game, you will have to control the trains that take people to different cities safely, using the money collected to upgrade or buy a new train. Each locomotive consists of carefully constructed engineer cabin with working levers and gauges for maximum realism. However, you must be careful when driving recklessly or pushing the brakes too long can damage the train.

This is an adventure sports game, allowing you to experience high-end mountain bikes, performing beautiful movements on different terrains to score points. Dozens of high-end terrain vehicles, cool shapes, special elastic systems, you can flexibly deal with most obstacles, complete special stunts! Drive your favorite car for a thrilling stunt show.

RPG Dimension Cross is a role-playing game set in the future, allowing players to explore alien planets in the universe. With graphics designed in cartoon style along with attractive storyline will surely satisfy fans of manga characters. During the test, the spacecraft came to a certain planet. Kyle and other crew members witness facilities that cannot be had with the level of civilization on the planet. But the original inhabitants of the planet were arrested. And a supposedly allied man had something secret.

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