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TFTactics Post reminder application for gamers


TFTactics is an application developed by Overwolf with the aim of “prompting” for you. This app will offer you all the knowledge you would like during a match. During the match, TFTactics will “remind” you of everything from the proposed team to the way to build equipment or maybe the small print of every equipment and therefore the appearance rate of champions consistent with rank.

Download TFTactics

Install TFTactics

  • When you download the application, you will have a file called “TFTactics-OverwolfInstaller.exe” with a size of just over 1.7MB, this is the installation file. Run this file to install the application
  • After running the file, you will see the following interface. Click “Next” to continue
  • In this section, you can press change to select the installation area. If not selected, the application will be installed by default on C: \ Program Files (x86), tick “I have read …” to agree to the terms of use of the application
  • Finally, click “Install” to automatically install the rest of the app and install it on your computer
  • The installation is completed, click “Launch” to launch the app and enjoy the results
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