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Paid games are currently free on Play Store 10/10/2019


The game is being free and discounted for a short time. Monument Valley, Monument Valley 2, Tallowmere, Kathy Rain, Real Bullet, The Sun: Origin, Whispers of a Machine and some other attractive paid games are free and discounted on Google Play store.

DOWNLOAD: Monument Valley 2 is free on the Play Store

The game is famous for its beautiful graphics, bold art and extremely addictive brain damage gameplay. The main task that you need to perform is to guide the mother and son on their journey through the ghostly architectural areas in a tiny world, where the stairs, buildings, inter-houses continuously rotating and changing. Guide a mother and her child as they embark on a journey through magical architecture, discovering illusionary pathways and delightful puzzles as you learn the secrets of the Sacred Geometry.

DOWNLOAD: Kenshō is free on the Play Store

In this game you will begin your journey through a surreal world, where nature, time and space blend together. The main task you need to perform is to match as many same blocks to earn points and the more you accumulate, the more you unlock secrets related to this world. 11 original songs accompany you on this adventure, fully equipped with violin, piano, harmonica, accordion and more.

DOWNLOAD: Tallowmere is free on Play Store

Survival game with dark dungeon background. The rooms in the game will gradually get bigger, harder and more rewarding, creating excitement for players. Roguelike platform. Rooms are randomly generated, each room is larger than the previous room. Seven levels of loot, from Basic to Other World. Single player mode (using touch screen, controller or keyboard). The system of high scores and achievements locally. Kitten sacrifices.

DOWNLOAD: King of the Mountain is free on the Play Store

In this game, you will experience Muscle V8 cars, complete each race within the specified time to receive rewards, help upgrade or unlock new cars to overcome other rivals and win the throne. the enemy. Stay on the track, complete the clean lap, earn crowns, unlock cars. Work your way up the mountain to drive a v8 supercar. Lower graphics settings for better frame rates and physical stability.

DOWNLOAD: Weapon stripping NoAds is free on Play Store

You love guns and want to learn about them but are not eligible for practical experience? If so, Weapon Stripping will give you a very realistic experience with many different types of guns. You can perform test shoots, audio experiences and practice disassembling each gun. This game is a gun simulator that allows you to assemble and disassemble (also known as rifles) a number of guns from different eras – the game includes assault rifles, snipers, machine guns, submachine gun, pistol, revolver and shotgun.

DOWNLOAD: Space Shooter 3D: Bullet Hell Meja Infinity is free on Play Store

Space fighting game with eye-catching graphics, the most interesting point is that you can customize the control with accessories such as JoyStick. Space Shooter: Meja Infinity is a space shooter with elegant graphics, you can change the control from joystick to touch control in the settings menu.

DOWNLOAD: Tennis Champs Returns – Season 3 is free on Play Store

familiar with Tennis game on four-button electronic devices. However, if you want to regain those familiar feelings or want to experience the classic style game, Tennis Champs Returns. Completely reworked by the original home computer version developer using revamped original characters and animation, combined with all new physics, AI, new controls, Daily Challenges and great new Career mode.

DOWNLOAD: Kingdom: New Lands is on sale on the Play Store

The strategy simulation game with graphics designed in a classic style, revolves around the story of a king and the journey to build his own kingdom on a strange island that contains many mysteries. Kingdom: New Land provides a welcoming and challenging experience and strategy for newcomers and long-time fans. Building upon the award-winning gameplay of tower defense and the classic Kingdom’s mystery, New Lands introduces new content to the IGF nominated title while maintaining simplicity and depth. the legions of the monarchs loved.

DOWNLOAD: Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is on sale on the Play Store

Instead of just being fixed with a certain character, after each boss victory in each game screen, the character will be transformed into the boss’s appearance with many different skills to create interesting experiences. than. Play as the game’s classic character game, Hu-Man, or to support War Child UK’s War of UK Girl campaign, you can now act as Hu-Girl and support girls around world. You can also live the Lizard-Man, Mouse-Man, Piranha-Man, Lion-Man and Hawk-Man, and use their unique abilities to uncover the deepest secrets about the land.

DOWNLOAD: Dandara is on sale on the Play Store

The Metroid style game requires players to search for hidden locations without a specific map. Salt’s world hung on the edge of collapse. The citizens, once free souls, now stand oppressive and isolated. But not all is lost, because this fear gives rise to a heroine, a ray of hope. Her name is Dandara.

DOWNLOAD: Classic Sudoku PRO (No Ads) is free on Play Store

Crossword puzzle games that created a craze on classic mobile devices. However, with this new version, players can freely choose the level and style of the crossword as you like. The sudoku logic puzzles are completely free and no ads are used. This creative sudoku free game has some of the best features like match time and history. The game has two classic and unlimited game play. Classic mode contains 1000 unique puzzles of four difficulty levels. Unlimited play style support for three different game modes.

DOWNLOAD: Kathy Rain is free on the Play Store

A puzzle game with lots of details just like real life! In the game, you will play the role of journalist Kathy and make a journey to find the bad guys who killed her grandfather. Kathy Rain is a beautiful and nostalgic reverence for the classic hit adventure game genre, built seamlessly for your touch screen device. Find clues and solve puzzles in an engaging small town drama set in the mid-1990s.

DOWNLOAD: Real Bullet is free on Play Store

This game you will transform into a professional sniper, perform assassination missions to create achievements and unlock new weapons. Despite the passive error, the graphics of Real Bullet are extremely beautiful, especially the detail of the weapons is very similar to real life. You are a sniper, your mission is to attack the evil forces. Your way is to use a sniper rifle in hand. Be quick and solve all battles in one shot! Are you ready?

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