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activate Focus Mode on Android 10


Focus Mode to limit user distraction in apps that focus on work. When the user activates this mode, applications installed on Android will pause, do not send any notifications even though you are connected to WiFi. We can select all the installed apps or select apps like Facebook and Instagram so they stop working until we turn off Focus Mode.

Instructions on how to activate Focus Mode Android 10

There are 2 different ways to enable Focus Mode on Android 10. With the first way, users will have quick access to the mode right in Quick Settings on the device

Activate Focus Mode via notification

Drag the notification bar at the top of the interface down and select the pen icon in the left corner to proceed to edit the notification interface and customize on Android.

Quick access interface with icons already displayed in the notification bar. Looking down, users find Focus Mode and drag the icon to the interface of quick notifications.

Turn on Focus Mode with Digital Wellbeing

Click on Settings to switch to the new interface. In the list of settings for Android 10, click Digital Wellbeing.

Switch to the new interface you find Focus mode to set this mode. In the Focus mode interface, you will see the applications installed on the computer. If you want the app to pause, check the box next to it. Then click Turn on now to activate.

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