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Pwn20wnd update unc0ver, iOS 12.4 jailbreak for device using A7 – A12 / A12X

  • Developer Pwn20wnd has just released a new unc0ver tool update, supporting jailbreak iOS 12.4 users on devices using A7 to A12 / A12X.
  • In this update, the Pwn20wnd combines two Sock Port exploits (A7 – A7X) and Sock Puppet (A8 – A12 / A12X) to help users unlock iOS 12.4.
  • Currently unc0ver has supported jailbreak iOS 12.4 for devices using A12 / A12X, but not yet integrated Cydia (can install tweak with deb file)
  • Delete all iOS 12 updates via OTA if available (Settings> Memory management> Delete downloaded updates and restart the device)
  • If you encounter a case of reboot, you only need to re-open the unc0ver and proceed to jailbreak again
  • Create a backup of data on your computer, avoid the case of heavy errors to clean the data
  • This is a temporary jailbreak version, if the device is restarted, the unlocking status will be disabled and you need to perform jailbreak operation again


  • Download the jailbreak iOS 12.4 IPA file
  • Download the Cydia Impactor installation support application
  • Copy the IPA file to the device
  • Deploy trusted Unbreakable iOS 12.4 Unbreakable jailbreak in Settings> General settings> Device management> Trust the Apple ID account added during copying IPA file
  • Open Unc0ver and proceed to jailbreak the device

How to jailbreak iOS 12.4 directly on ipad iphone

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