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Uninstall iOS 12.4 jailbreak on iPhone, iPad using unc0ver and Chimera


Unc0ver and Chimera is presently the satisfactory jailbreak guide tool for iOS 12.4 with solid performance, permitting users to without difficulty install tweaks on the device. but, in the procedure of the usage of you have an errors or do now not keep the jailbreak popularity, you may talk over with the subsequent educational to carry out jailbreak elimination well through Rootfs restore characteristic.


Restore RootFS is a help function to dispose of device cracking repute built into the unc0ver model for iOS 12 – 12.4, to assist repair all adjustments that the jailbreak has executed with the unique report of the system system and delete the documents delivered later. All personal statistics of users are stored on devices together with pics, motion pictures, music, packages, remainder modifying documents and settings, and so on., are not affected when casting off operations. jailbreak repute with repair RootFS.


  • Remove the tweaks installed on the device from Cydia
  • Open Cydia> switch to Installed (Installed)> proceed to remove the tweaks and applications installed on the device via Cydia
That is a very crucial operation, to help ensure all enhancing files can be removed from the system before intending to restore the original report of the machine with the Rootfs repair feature in unc0ver.
  • Restore Root Fs system in unc0ver
  • Open the unc0ver app> switch to Settings (Settings)> activate RootFS Restore (rec0ver) and Reset Cydia Cache. Return to the main screen of the application and press Re-jailbreak
  • Wait for the process to start, when displaying the “Rootfs Restore” message, click the OK button to accept and wait for the original file system recovery process to complete (it can take 10-15 minutes). (or longer).


Just like unc0ver, before deleting jailbreak iOS 12.4 you want to remove all tweaks and formerly set up packages (if any) in Sileo (Cydia alternative heritage application), this helps create the great surroundings. to restore the system’s original record.

  • Open the Chimera application> Scroll down to Restore RootFS> Confirm the notification of the original system file recovery request> Click the Restore Filesystem button> Wait for the restore process to complete is complete.

After deleting jailbreak iOS 12.4, your device will return to its original state (without unlocking), tweaks, apps and background apps (Cydia, Sileo) will be completely removed, you can do so. Restore the device to its original settings without error.

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