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Sideload the app with the Rickpactor tool


Guide sideload the app with the Rickpactor tool


  • Computers running windows 7 or higher
  • iTunes
  • New Apple ID account, recommended to use secondary ID, should not use primary ID (for safety)
  • Rickpactor tool


  • Rickpactor will install a device management configuration (considerations when using).
  • Support both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices
  • No need to resign after 7 days
  • Not revoked
  • Sideload up to 3 apps (free).
  • Note that for unc0ver users, there is only 3.8 in appdb (only support A12). If you want to sideload unc0ver lower version, read the extra steps


  • Link your device to appdb: appdb
  • “Link A Device” => enter email => configuration settings on the phone.
  • Open the browser on the PC then link the PC to the phone appdb.to
  • Enter email => open confirmation email => select “Control this device”. DO NOT SELECT “Just link new device”.
  • On the PC, go to the link appdbconfigure to configure the device
  • For Apple ID and password: enter the newly created Apple ID.
  • All the items marked “no”, the whole line “Is device jailbroken and has appsync installed from https://cydia.akemi.ai/?”
  • Select Save feature configuration.
  • On the PC, go to: developer apple
  • tick agree at the end and select OK, done
  • Plug iPhone into PC, open Rickpactor
  • On the PC, open appdb.to to see “Cydia apps” => Jailbreak tools => unc0ver => Download for free (on the right) => INSTALL

Then the PC will have a pop-up:

“This is free app installation. You need computer and Rickpactor program to install such application. Please press OK to go to Rickpactor installation manual or Cancel to go to device status page and proceed with installation” Choose “Cancel”

  • You will be automatically redirected to the “Live device status” page.
  • The most interested is in the “Details” column. wait for it to show up “ok. App “XXXYYY” was successfully signed, Install via Rickpactor, then click Install via Rickpactor
  • The browser will have a popup that opens Rickpactor and is Ok
  • Now Rickpactor will work automatically
  • Note not to let the phone screen turn off
  • After Rickpactor has finished installing, you should trust the certificate and you’re done. (note not to delete the configuration of appdb)

Extra steps to sideload unc lower version

Wait for the upload to finish and scroll down to the “Your apps” section, select “Install” and the next step will be automatically redirected to the “Live device status” page.

  • This way has the advantage of not being afraid of Apple changing like ReProvision or AltStore
  • Just do it once, it is not revoked, as long as the appdb is kept.
  • The machine does not jb do it
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