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How to switch iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro camera aspect ratio


In the new Camera app of iPhone 11 you’ll quickly switch the ratio of photos taken by just a couple of simple steps. The ratio conversion will assist you express the intent of the image also as meet the necessity to upload to different photo sharing services or social networks.

On the iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max Camera app, you will see an arrow icon ^ at the highest of the screen, tap to open hidden settings or simply swipe up from the center of the screen.

  • The hidden settings appear, right in the middle is the aspect ratio setting (4: 3), the remaining settings include on / off / auto flash, on / off Live Mode, shooting timer settings and other settings. color filter.
  • In the aspect ratio setting, we have 3 options including Square, 4: 3 and 16: 9, when selecting the aspect ratio, the screen will display immediately, such as 16: 9, the viewfinder will display in full screen, spill out the black below.

Why is it necessary to pick the size before shooting. for instance , Instagram, if you regularly use this social network, selecting the Square ratio (1: 1) are going to be more ideal because albeit you’re taking a special ratio, once you upload your photos to Instagram, it’ll The default crop requirement is square (although now supports ratios like 1.91: 1 horizontal or 4: 5 vertical).

The ratio also helps to point out a far better shot, like 16: 9 suitable for capturing scenes and 4: 3 for portraits suitable for character expression, making viewers feel close closer to the character.

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