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Highlights on the Camera Samsung Galaxy Note 10


Camera of Galaxy Note 10 – features that serve the maximum video recording needs

  • Zoom-in Mic
  • Blur the background (remove fonts) when recording a video
  • Enhance image stabilization when shooting / moving images
  • Support of S Pen & Soft post-video
  • Increase screen rotation feature

Zoom-in Mic

Zoom-In Mic is an amplification feature that captures the sound of the zoomed character in the frame and filters out ambient noise. When in video recording mode, this feature will work simultaneously with you zooming into a certain character. This is a valuable feature for making movies with mobile phones.

Blur the background (remove fonts) when recording a video

Samsung continues to improve camera features including live font removal Live Focus video allows users to adjust the depth and blur the background.

The goal is to separate the subject from the background so that the character or object is more apparent in the perspective. As well as taking photos with the background blur, but video recording is moving, moving, this is a very useful feature in practice.

Enhance image stabilization when shooting / moving images

The Super Scene Stabilization feature is now available in Hyperlapse mode for more stable time-lapse video recording.

Samsung has made optical shake for the Galaxy flagship. Useful for holding a video clip, and now adding it to a hyperlapse

Support of S Pen & Soft post-video

Post-production: The movie footage is processed by the software on Note10 thanks to the S Pen’s powerful support. Users can choose the exact time they want to cut with the S Pen. The device is also compatible with the Adobe Rush application with many editing features for clipping and effects for a video than the default application as on the previous Galaxy.

The S Pen of the Galaxy Note10 helps move menu items in the camera section called Motion Controls. This will benefit those who are Live Stream as well as vlogger. Motion Controls are also available for third-party applications such as Youtube, playing / pause or forwarding videos is simpler.

Increase screen rotation feature

Screen rotation feature of Note10 supports gamers who want to add individual tweaks to the stream or vlogger. Picture-in-picture feature to add multiple expressions to the clip, and use the S Pen to record more captions while recording a screen, making the video more vivid and attractive. Enhance user service features from recording an easy video, image stabilization, sound recording as best as possible, integrate editing applications more easily with S Pen.

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