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iPadOS and iOS 13 Developer beta 6 + Public beta 5 released


Apple continues to release the iPadOS trial update and iOS 13 Developer beta 6 + Public beta 5, adding its own on / off option for Dark Mode in the Control Center, restoring the original size of the data icon Mobile (LTE / 4G / 5Ge) in status bar, improved introduction page on App Store and some other noticeable changes.


  • Open Safari browser (required) on iPhone, iPad> access the path below download iPadOS / iOS 13 beta Profile
  • iOS 13/iPadOS beta Profile Update (Mirror 1 / Mirror 2 / Mirror 3 / Mirror 4 / Mirror 5 / Mirror 6)
  • On the browser interface, a message dialog box asking to open the device manager and account will appear, click Allow to forward to the next step.
  • Click the Install button and enter the password if any, accept some requests from Apple, continue to press the Install button and restart the computer when required.
  • If you have upgraded to iOS 13, you need one more operation and Open Settings> Downloaded profile
  • After the device has restarted, open Settings> General Settings> Software update to check and download iOS 13 Developer beta updates

Innovations on iOS 13 / iPadOS Public Beta 5 and Developer Beta 6

  • It can be thanks to Siri turning on / off Dark Mode
  • “LTE” icon has shrunk as before, as well as fixed hidden display errors in Beta 5 (and Public Beta 4).
  • The part size increases and decreases the volume
  • When opening the App Store, there will be a screen informing about the Apple Arcade gaming service (seems to be coming soon).
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