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Extend Samsung Galaxy Note 10 battery life


Galaxy Note 10+ is powered by a 4,300 mAh battery and the Note 10 is 3,500 mAh with built-in 45W fast charging feature to give users the perfect experience for long days. Besides the large battery capacity, Note10 additionally learns consumer conduct to optimize the battery most efficaciously. at the equal time, to increase Note10 battery lifestyles, do no longer ignore the guidelines beneath.

Extend Samsung Galaxy Note 10 battery life

Update the latest update

Operating system updates always help the device work more stably, improve performance and occasionally upgrade features. Similar to other Samsung phones running Android, you can easily check and upgrade for the latest updates by going to Settings> Software updates> click on Download and install to test device Check for updates

Adjust the screen brightness

In today’s phones, screens are one of the maximum electricity-eating components. if you are in want of saving battery and decreasing the brightness does no longer have an effect on too much to the experience, you need to do

To alter the brightness on the display screen, from the home screen swipe down from the brink of the screen to open the quick access panel. At the lowest you may get a brightness adjustment bar, drag the bar to the left to lessen the display screen brightness

You can press the down arrow button next to this light bar, click and disable Compatibility Brightness, which helps the device to adjust the brightness to suit the environment. Right below there is the option Show top control item, if this item is turned on, the brightness bar will be above the notification panel, helping you adjust the light easily.

Adjust screen brightness time

Display brightness is also important. you may additionally reduce this time to watch for the screen to show off robotically after a shorter duration, saving battery lifestyles. starting the phone is quite simple with the sensor below the display screen so that you do no longer ought to set this term too long. To adjust, go to Settings> show> screen light time> adjust the time period as a result.

Turn off applications that run in the background

Slide your finger up from rock bottom left to show on the Multitask screen, select Close all to show off all applications running within the background. this manner is merely temporary. There are many instances where applications that run within the background are automatically activated, which may drain the battery.

To check, go to Settings> Device care> select Pin. This section lists applications that run soaked that drain the battery the most. If these apps are not needed, uninstall them

Change the wallpaper to dark

Recent Samsung phones have night mode support to optimize the battery with the Super AMOLED screen. an equivalent goes for the Note 10 and Note 10 +. With this sort of display, pixels will use less power in dark areas, or maybe with black points, the pixels are going to be turned off.

So once you activate night mode will help save battery for the device. the way to turn it on is straightforward , open the choices menu and click on the Night Mode button to activate

Also change your background image to a dark background. To select the background image, go to Settings> Wallpaper and Themes> In your Wallpaper section select the dark background image

Do not let the device run out of battery below 20%

Battery life is best when you charge between 20% – 80%, limit charging to 100% and let the device run out of battery below 20%. Also note that you should not charge overnight and especially stay away from non-genuine battery chargers

Open Battery saving mode

Battery Saving Mode is designed to optimize settings with battery priority, to conserve significant battery capacity thanks to device CPU performance limits, reduced screen brightness, and reduced vibration response. anise. This mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ is already optimized and just turn on everything will be configured automatically.

  • To turn on this mode, open the control bar and press the Battery mode button

Once selected, a pop-up will display a number of additional options such as Restrict Background Data, Disable Always On Display, Limit CPU Speed, if you need maximum savings, select all and click Apply.

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