Motorola Razr apps, wallpapers, boot animations and default sounds for other Android devices

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Motorola Razr is an iconic smartphone with a classic design. Although not comparable to the “super products” such as Samsung Galaxy Ford, Huawei Mate X or Xaomi Mi Mix Alpha, but this device still has many unique characteristics. @Acervenky has successfully extracted the Retro, Live Wallpaper, Boot Animation and Stock Audio applications of the Motorola Razr. Download the trial if you are using an Android 9.0-based device.

The above applications require your device to be running Android 9.0 or higher. For Retro, Live Wallpaper (Blue / Red) installs using APK file, so you need to trust unconfirmed source

As for Boot Animation, it is necessary to root the device first to gain full access in Recovery Mode, or install the flash support tool for Android devices that have rooted Flashify.

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