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New Tweak of the week HideStatusBarItemsPro and many tweaks


Updates to some outstanding tweaks for jailbroken iOS devices have just been released in the past week.


(Source Sparkdev / iOS 12 – iOS 13) | The tweak allows you to customize the look of the Pin icon, which includes both pre-made templates or you can design your own style of icon.

COSMOS – $1.99

(Source Packix / iOS 13) | Tweaking Cosmos will help you customize the default look of some of the key components in iOS, including the Lock Screen, App Switcher, Folders, Power Off Menu, Dock and SpringBoard.

PASTEL – $1.00

(Source Dynastic / iOS 13) | The Pastel tweak allows you to change the colors of the notification badges on the application icons, making the device’s home screen more colorful and eye-catching. In addition, you can set individual colors for each badge corresponding to the application icon that it represents

TRITIUM BETA 2 – $2.00+

(Source Packix / iOS 13) | Tritium Beta 2 tweak gives the lock screen a completely new interface, you can change the display position, font style, color, even add some functional icons such as capacity. battery, system status, network connection


(Source Packix / iOS 11 – iOS 12.4) | This tweak brings the quick function menu a completely new interface, colorful and adds some new quick shortcuts


(Source Packix / iOS 12 – iOS 13) | Complications is a pretty interesting tweak, allowing you to create quick function shortcuts, open applications or display some information related to the system such as weather, battery capacity, network speed, RAM capacity. availability, memory capacity

TUNE – $0.99

(Source Packix / iOS 13) | Tune tweak allows you to change the appearance of Music Player on Lock Screen or Notification Center. Includes two main designs are quite fancy Spin and Helius


(Source Junesiphone / iOS 12 – iOS 13) | This tweak allows you to hide some function icons in the status bar, including Time, Do Not Disturb, Aircraft, Signal Column, Carrier Name, WiFi Connection, Battery Capacity, Bluetooth Connection, Alarm , Location, Service lock, Screen capture video, VPN


(Source Packix / iOS 11 – iOS 13) | This is a fairly simple tweak, its only function is to always display the button to receive or reject calls instead of swiping as the default.


(Source Packix / iOS 13) | This tweak allows you to change the colors for notifications sent to the device, can be set based on the background color of the app icon or manual settings if desired.

  • CustomSounds13: Tweak allows you to change system sound on iOS 13 (Free via Packix repo)
  • DarkGrayBarX: This tweak makes the background of the status bar on iPhone X become dark gray (Free via CydiaGeek repo)
  • NiceSiri [Gold]: Tweak making Siri interface more attractive (Free via Packix repo)
  • RedBarX: This tweak makes the background of the status bar on iPhone X red (Free via CydiaGeek repo)
  • BeautyFold: Vertical grid layout for Folders with 10 icons (Free via Packix repo)
  • Himiko: Tweak allows you to close the entire application in the converter with just two touches in the blank ($ 1.75 via Packix repo)
  • No3DDelete: Disable 3D Touch menu when deleting apps (Free via Shepgoba repo)
  • NoNowPlayingView13: Hide Now Playing interface from the Lock screen on iOS 13 (Free via CydiaGeek repo)
  • NoRisk: Differentiate colors of messages and conversations in iMessage (Free via Ckosmic repo)
  • RealLPM: Fine tune to provide better low power mode for iPhone ($ 2.00 via Packix repo)
  • Tap Tao Lock: Touch the home screen to lock your device (Free via BigBoss repo)
  • TextEmojis: Search and type emoticons with text shortcuts ($ 2.25 via BigBoss repo)
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