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tweak prevents “thieves” shutdown or disconnect the network


Normally, once the iPhone is lost you’ll be able to use the realize my Phone feature via iCloud account to seek out it, however it should be forever active and connected to the net, if the “thief” turns off or wifi, 3G / 4G then the positioning perform can lack exactness. However, the subsequent 2 tweaks ar the proper resolution for those that have jailbroken, serving to stop others from turning off or disconnecting the network to extend the power to seek out the device once lost.

To use these two tweaks, your device needs to be jailbroken and use the version from iOS 10.0 to 12.4


PowerGuard is a free jailbreak tweak that can prevent others from turning off your phone without your permission. Now supports all Apple devices. The operation is also quite simple, whenever you open the power menu and manipulate “Slide To Power Off, you need to confirm the owner with Touch ID, FaceID, PIN or Passcode.

Download the free PowerGuard tweak from packix repo


PickPocket 3 will help users restrict intrusion activities such as not turning off the power, always turning on the internet service, notifying the owner when the SIM on the device is changed, preventing activating the device mode. fly.

  • Airplane Mode feature (helps you to lock airplane mode when the device is locked screen.Use in case of iCloud and you can remotely locate or lock the device via data network Mobile and iCloud accounts).
  • Automatic Shutdown feature (disable the automatic shutdown feature when the battery level is too low with 2 options: “Keep the device running” or “Pretend to turn off”. An Email / SMS can be received. send to you when the battery level is too low).
  • Features Fake Hard Reset (disable the “hard reset mode (reboot when holding the home key + power in 4s at the same time)”. PickPocket 3 will also send email / SMS to you as soon as someone else is done. this work).
  • The LockScreen Information feature (PickPocket 3 will help you add a button on the lock screen, in case someone finds your phone and they just need to click this button to see owner information if it’s good to pay). re-dial, including a pre-set phone number or email / SMS for you).
  • Romote Actions feature (you can use some pre-set SMS messages to control your device remotely. For example: Turn on / off the alarm, Play an audio recording set from Previous, Shutdown, Email / SMS An email or SMS will be sent to you when this mode is enabled).
  • Shutdown mode (to use, you need to set up Touch ID or password to enable shutdown mode).
  • The SIM Card Pulled feature (a pre-set alarm or recorded sound will sound when your SIM card is removed. An email / SMS will be sent to you as well).
  • Unlock feature (you can set alarm sound or a recording when someone enters the wrong Password, Touch ID or Face ID more than the permitted number of times)

download tweak PickPocket 3 for free from ziph0n repo

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