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How to get back data when the USB has a Format error


USB may be a convenient compact device, wont to store data. coitus interruptus and attaching to the device repeatedly may cause the most board failure and chip failure. Probably you’ve got witnessed the USB format error. When the USB is plugged into the pc, the message Format disk appears and therefore the data are going to be erased.

Use Recovery software to recover data

There are many recovery software for data recovery. If you use Free software, the amount of data will be less. This is also a way to get back data in USB when the virus is encrypted or deleted.

Refer to the 2 software below

  • Recuva Pro
  • EaseUS Data Recovery

Use the MiniTool Partition Wizard to recover deleted partitions

  • To fix the USB format error, use the MiniTool Partition Wizard software to restore the USB to its original state.
  • After installation is complete, select the partition named “unallocated”. This is the unallocated amount of free space on the USB device.
  • Select Menu Wizard -> Partition Recovery Wizard
  • Next, select your USB partition, look at the capacity to determine which partition is a USB with a corrupted Format
  • Click on the unallocated drive, select the mode and click Next
  • The partition recovery scan will be scanned in one pass. Then click Finish, select Apply on the Menu to begin the process of recovering faulty USB data

The process of recovering corrupted USB data Quickly or slowly depends on the amount of data on the USB

Use Partition Find & Mount to fix a corrupted USB Format

Partition Find & Mount implements a new concept of recovering deleted or lost partitions. It works in the most convenient way possible – by locating and attaching partitions to the system. The lost partitions will be mounted with the same drive letter. Partition Find & Mount works in case any Boot Record (including the Master Boot Record) is missing, corrupted or overwritten.

  • Plug in the USB and open the software. Select the correct usb, then press the Scan button
  • Select the Thorough Scan mode and then press the Scan button
  • Wait it will appear more partitions. Select some partitions that have data, and then press the button ‘Mount as’
  • Select the drive letter for the partition to be restored, I choose Z
The results will see all the old data before the USB was formatted. You go to Computer will see an additional Z drive, this is the partition containing the deleted USB data.

When the USB error of data loss, please calm down and follow the above.

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