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Synthesis tweak compatible Unc0ver jailbreak iOS 13


The list of tweaks is fully compatible with unc0ver jailbreak iOS 13 – iOS 13.3. this is often an upgrade of unc0ver to assist users jailbreak from iOS 11 to iOS 13.3, particularly versions iOS 13 – 13.3 only support devices equipped with A12 – A13 like iPhone XR; iPhone XS; iPhone XS Max; iPhone 11; iPhone 11 Pro; iPhone 11 Pro Max; iPad Air 3; iPad mini 5; 11-inch iPad Pro (2018); 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2018).

Unc0ver tweak


  • Batchomatic (allows jailbreak packages to be installed in bulk on an unlocked device)
  • Appaze 2 (tweak provides you with a fast function shortcut, which helps set the brightness and volume for every individual application when opening quick menus with 3D Touch)
  • CallBar X (fine-tuning gives you a replacement look of the dialer and call manager, which minimizes the notification box when an incoming call comes abreast of the screen so as to not interfere with other activities) you’re done)
  • BatteryLife (check out the foremost detailed Battery information)
  • BioProtect XS (new tweak updated from the first version of BioProtect, supports devices running iOS 12 and particularly adds security functions via Face ID)
  • Cylinder (animation effect in Springboard)
  • Complications (tweaks allow you to line up quick function shortcuts)
  • Choicy (further tweaked separately for configuring applications and background activity)
  • AnsweringMachine XS 1.2-6 (helps transfer the decision er’s message to voicemail and automatically answers the call once you cannot devour the phone)
  • Barmoji (tweak will add an emoji selection item within the default keyboard interface of iOS, help users to use it more conveniently and fewer switching the typing position as before)
  • BrowserDefault (tweak allows you to specify the default browser on iOS devices rather than Safari)
  • ByeHomeBottomBarX (tweak to assist hide the house Bar on new iPhones)
  • Cercube (native YouTube replacement application, offers many useful features like playing background music, removing video ads, etc.)
  • ChargingBubbles (this tweak allows you to customize the effect when plugging in your iPhone, creating bubbles floating above the display plugged within the charger)
  • ChatSpeaker
  • Deluminator (dark theme for Safari browser)
  • Evanesco (tweaking automatically highlights the wallpaper when there’s no activity on the most screen)
  • Faces Pro
  • Filza & Filza Plus (advanced file manager for iPhone / iPad)
  • Flame (tweaking provides many improvements and makes the user experience in Cydia better)
  • NtSpeed
  • NoFlashlight Wake
  • OTADisabler (tweak to dam iOS updates via OTA)
  • FiveDock 13 (tweak allows users to feature the 5th app icon to the dock)
  • Flex 3 (tweak to assist users create copyright application patch files, functional mods, etc.)
  • Filza File Manager 64-bit (a file manager with root privileges, allowing you to try to to more work rather than using Apple’s Files app)
  • FloatyDock (tweak to assist users customize the dock on the iPhone almost like the planning of the iPad)
  • LibertyLite Beta 0.2.12 (tweak to assist circumvent jailbreaking applications)
  • Half
  • Haptic Passcode (tweak helps to vibrate the device once you enter the unlock code)
  • iCleaner & iCleaner Pro (an application that helps users regain stability for the device, has the power to revive space for storing , has long been occupied by junk data files during user use)
  • JellyFish (tweaks to modernize the interface on the phone’s lock screen by changing the position of the date and time display and adding the present temperature and weather display)
  • LocalIAOStore 13
  • MiscSettings (this may be a versatile tweak, providing you with many customizable modes like Status Bar, center , Springboard, Lock Screen, etc.)
  • PowerModule (this tweak will group various utility actions into a module on top of things Center)
  • Pivot
  • PowerSelector
  • PencilChargingIndicator (refine customizing iPhone battery charging animation like Apple Pencil from iPad Pro)
  • PowerMenuX (All Devices) (tweak to customize the facility menu with some new useful features)
  • QuickPrefs (this tweak allows you to use 3D Touch gestures on the Settings app icon, especially can found out quick-start shortcut menus supported individual usage needs)
  • RealKeys
  • YouTube Tools (tools that support users when using the first YouTube app)
  • RecordAnywhere (tweaking helps to record everything you want)
  • Rocket
  • Relocate 0.1.1
  • SmartLight (with this tweak you’ll activate the flash quickly using physical buttons rather than opening within the Notification Center)
  • TapTapFlip (fine-tuning allows you to tap the screen to focus and press twice to modify to the front / back camera mode of the machine)
  • TFDidThatSay?
  • TouchFlow
  • Relocate Application 0.1.0
  • Relocate Module (Control Center) 0.1.1
  • RepoFinder
  • Groovify (in addition to providing full control of the Spotify Music palette, Groovify also brings tons of latest features to the present application)
  • SmallSiri (tweak makes the Siri interface smaller)
  • SnowBoard (tweak largely inherited from WinterBoard, allowing users to manage and customize the interface with theme packs downloaded through other repositories)
  • Selector (select any text string to look or translate it)
  • Shuffle
  • SmoothCursor iOS 13 (tweak to supply cursor animation effect when typing Office documents on iOS 13)
  • Sposify
  • StatusViz
  • SwipeForMore (tweak to assist perform the operation of opening the delete menu, reinstalling, removing from the queue, tweak settings faster with swiping)
  • TweakConfigurator
  • TweakCompatible
  • UnSub
  • VolSkip11
  • Whoops
  • Xen HTML (fine-tuning gives your device a unified HTML design)


  • Swipe for More (BigBoss)
  • Flame (BigBoss)
  • SilentScreenShot (PackiX)
  • Small Siri (PackiX
  • nooldernotificationstext (Packix)
  • xen html / fluid widget (Packix)
  • Fluid Tabs (PackiX)
  • FastUnlockX (BigBoss)
  • Little11 (Packix)
  • RealCC (BigBoss)
  • BatchOMatic (BigBoss)
  • Filza Files Manager (BigBoss)
  • Hide Bar X (Spark Dev)
  • Power Module (Packix)
  • Pulltorespring (BigBoss)
  • Shuffle / Stickaround (CreatureSurvive)
  • CircleSettings (Sparkdev)
  • SnowBoard (PackiX) / Lotus (Theme)
  • HomePlus (OpenPack)
  • CerCube (alfhaily) / Youtube Tools
  • PencilChargingIndicator (ShiftCMDK)
  • Tweak Count 2 (BigBoss)
  • Tweak Compatible (BigBoss)
  • BatteryPercentX (SparkDev)
  • iCleaner(Bigboss)
  • Adaptive Dark Mode – DM based on specific conditions (Packix)
  • CoolCC (Packix)
  • Sylph (Maxwell)
  • NoDNDBanner (PackiX) – LowPowerDND (BigBoss)
  • Barmoji (Cpdigitaldarkroom)

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