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How to quickly remove tweak like the application on iPhone


With jailbroken iOS devices , Cydia is an important and necessary tool when you download or store all tweaks installed on the device here. And when you want to delete any tweak, the user must access Cydia. So, if you want to delete fine-tuning the type of application deletion, how?

Tweaking CyDelete will create the x sign icon immediately at the icons of the tweaks so that users can perform deletion as when deleting installed applications. So users can click delete any tweak in the main screen interface, without having to enter Cydia . The following article shows you how to quickly remove CyDelete tweaks on iPhone.

How to quickly remove tweak like the application on iPhone

Instructions for quick tweaking on iPhone 

Step 1:

Refine to be installed free at at reppo https://level3tjg.github.io/ on Cydia. After installation is complete, we respring the device again.

Step 2:

We then press and hold at a tweak to switch to the editing interface on the edit screen, immediately the x mark is displayed immediately at the icon of the tweak. Then you just need to press the x to clear the tweak.

Tweaked interface
Click the x

Now the pop-up message display in the middle of the screen asks if the user is sure to delete this tweak, press Delete to agree.

Agree to delete tweaks

Currently CyDelete has supported iOS 12 jailbreak so users can easily install. Cydia deletion operation is not as many steps as before, but just click the icon of the x sign is okay.

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