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Some people want to stay their device running a selected version for subsequent jailbreak or app developers want to check their app on an older version of iOS. or maybe after updating to a more moderen iOS, the device runs out of battery faster, playing games feels hotter and there’s a small lag.

If you are doing not update, the notifications will appear on the most screen on a daily basis causing discomfort. As a result, more and more people have sought to dam new iOS updates on their devices.

In the past, you’ll use the configuration of tvOS 12 beta to simply block iOS updates. As of January 31, 2020, the certificate for this configuration has expired, so you can’t install it.

From iOS 12.x or higher, the device checks to ascertain if the configuration are often installed on the present device. Therefore, tvOS 13 beta configuration can’t be installed on iOS 12.x or higher

This makes it harder to block iOS updates and depends a lot on the version of the operating system you’re running as well as whether the device is jailbroken or not.

However, difficulty does not mean impossible, you can still block iOS updates


If your device has been jailbroken, it can easily block new iOS updates in any of the subsequent ways:

Install tweak to skip configuration check step

a tweak that you simply can install to skip the configuration make sure Apple has added since iOS 12, so you’ll easily install tvOS 13 beta configuration to dam iOS updates.

  • Open Cydia and add source https://xsf1re.github.io/repo
  • Find and install the tweak named “MCPatch”, press the respring button after installation is complete to apply.
  • Visit the beta page with the Safari browser
  • Open the Settings app and proceed to configuration settings on the device

After successfully installing tvOS 13 beta configuration, you can remove the MCPatch tweak.
The configuration is still valid even if you remove the MCPatch tweak and can block updates when your device is no longer jailbroken.

  • If you want to get a new iOS update again, simply remove the tvOS 13 beta configuration in Settings – General settings – Configuration, then reboot

Install tweak to block updates

This method will install a tweak to dam deep updates within the system so there’s no got to install tvOS 13 beta configuration.

  • First, you need to delete a previously downloaded iOS version in Settings – General Settings – iPhone Storage
  • Open Cydia and add sources https://cydia.ichitaso.com
  • Find and install the tweak named “OTADisabler”, press the respring button after installation is complete to apply

This tweak is valid even if the device is no longer jailbroken, so if you want to get a new iOS update again, you must update through iTunes on your computer.

With jailbroken device but don’t want to jailbreak

For devices which will be jailbroken but don’t want to jailbreak, you’ll apply the solution: jailbreak first, then quit jailbreak.

Most devices running iOS 12 and iOS 13 are often easily jailbroken using the checkra1n tool.
The device isn’t jailbroken, ask the way below

  • Instructions to jailbreak iOS 12.3 – 13.2.2 with Checkra1n
  • Make sure your device and iOS version are jailbroken. Then use checkra1n to proceed with the jailbreak.
  • Once the device is jailbroken, follow the instructions above (install MCPatch tweak to download tvOS 13 or OTADisabler tweak) to block updates.
  • Open the checkra1n application on your device and click on on the “Restore System” to get rid of jailbreak.
  • The checkra1n tool can restore the iOS system partition to its previous state, therefore the device will not be jailbroken, but it can still block updates because of tvOS 13 configuration or tweak OTADisabler

Do not open any app installed on the App Store before clicking “Restore System” in checkra1n because iOS can detect jailbreak and will not work even if you restore the system

For devices running iOS 12.1.x or higher

For devices running iOS 12 or later that aren’t jailbroken or don’t want to jailbreak, there’s how to limit automatic iOS updates and how to completely stop iOS updates on the device.

Restrict automatic updates

On iOS 12 and above, Apple added the power to show off automatic software updates in (Settings → General → Software Update → Automatic Updates), which is a particularly useful feature to stop devices from automatically updating. Update any new updates that are released.

However, you’ll still receive the update when new iOS is out there , and it also can be downloaded to the device but not installed on the device, until you permit it. Therefore, you’ll often see the notification request for updates on the screen.

  • To skip the update, just press cancel if you see the message asking for updates to appear and delete the newly downloaded iOS version in (Settings -General – iPhone [iPad] Storage)

New iOS versions are going to be downloaded when your device is connected to Wi-Fi and powered for an extended time

Block updates with VPN

The VPN app provides site blocking, which can be used to block websites from sending queries to Apple’s servers to push iOS updates to the device.

  • Download the free “Privacy Pro SmartVPN” app from the App Store.
  • Open the app and start setup to add a VPN configuration to your device
  • In the application, click on the Customize tab
  • Click on the search box and add the domain name: mesu.apple.com
  • Click the “Add to custom list” button and click Save
  • Repeat the above steps to add another domain name, gdmf.apple.com
  • After adding the above two domains to the block list, return to the main screen by clicking the Home tab.
  • Click the middle app logo to turn on the VPN

VPN icon appears on the status bar, now if you attend check for updates within the settings, you’ll get the message “Cannot check for updates”.

For devices running iOS 12.1.x or lower

Devices running iOS 12.1.x and below can still install the tvOS 13 beta configuration to dam updates as was common because these versions of Apple don’t yet have a configuration check feature.

  • Visit tvOS_13_Beta_Profile.mobileconfig
  • Click Allow when asked, then you’ll be moved to the Settings application, click on Settings within the upper right corner to configure
  • enter the password of the device (if any)
  • You will be redirected to Apple’s notification screen when installing tvOS beta configuration
  • Click on Settings in the upper right corner and finally click on Install again when the popup appears.
  • When the installation is completed, a message will appear asking you to restart your computer for the configuration to take effect. Click on Restart
  • Once the iOS device has rebooted, go to Settings – General Settings – Software Update to check if you still receive any updates.
  • Finally, go to Settings – General Settings – iPhone capacity [or iPad] find and delete the previously downloaded update if available

After the device has finished booting, there’ll be an application called Feedback on the screen and can’t be deleted.
This is an application for you to send feedback to Apple during the utilization of software , so you are doing not got to care

If you want to get a new iOS update again, simply remove the tvOS 13 beta configuration in Settings – General settings – Configuration then reboot.

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