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Summary of things to know about iOS jailbreak Checkra1n


Checkra1n is a jailbreak version that supports cracking from iOS 12.3 and up, with the contributions of many famous Devs such as Qwertyoruiopz, S1guza, Sam Bingner or Axi0mX. , Apple’s iPad, which means it can’t release patches with software updates.


Checkra1n is a jailbreaking tool that works in the form of semi-tethered, requiring iOS jailbreak process instead of working directly on iPhone and iPad like jailbroken tethered versions. The common point between semi-tethered and tethered is that users must jailbreak again after rebooting the device.

There are currently three types of jailbreaks: Un-Tethered, Semi-Tethered and Tethered. In which Un-Tethered requires iOS jailbreak process via computer and be able to operate "permanently", without jailbreaking after rebooting the device; Semi-Tethered also requires jailbreaking of iOS through a computer but is not capable of "permanent" operation like Un-Tethered, instead users must conduct a jailbreak again after rebooting the device like Tethered. ; Tethered is a "temporary" jailbreak, which can be unlocked directly on the device and must be re-jailbroken after the device reboot.

Checkra1n’s default package manager at the present time is Cydia, but may expand to many other managers such as Sileo, Installer or Zebra in the future.

  • The development team includes: Argp, axi0mX, Dany Lisiansky, Jaywalker, Adam Demasi, littlelailo, nitoTV, Jamie Bishop, pimskeks, qwertyoruiopz (team leader), Sam Bingner, s1guza.
  • Supported iOS versions: From iOS 12.3 and above (including iOS 13 and future new updates).
  • Supported installation platforms: Mac OS, Windows, Linux (currently only supporting Mac OS due to protocol compatibility, Windows and Linux users need to wait for more).


Currently, there are 6 trial versions released to fix the problems reported by users, while improving the stability of this tool and helping the iOS jailbreak process achieve the highest success rate. It should be noted that this is only a “preview” for the purpose of “testing”, carefully considered before use


Checkra1n is a Semi-Tethered Jailbreak, requires cracking through a computer and currently only supports Mac OS

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