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Notable changes on iOS 13.4 beta


Summary of latest features on iOS 13.4 beta. Many notable changes, this is often a beta with quite essential changes within the process of use.

Change the Mail interface

In the default mail application, once you are within the mail reader, at rock bottom of the toolbar will display additional mail bookmarks and save. rather than only showing two items, forwarding / replying and deleting mail or archieve.

Car key

  • With CarKey, Apple will use NFC supported iPhone and Apple Watch to unlock your car. If only Apple had done this earlier because Android companies had an extended history and also supported the NFC protocol.
  • CarKey, available on the (Wallet) app, will work precisely the same way as Apple Pay.
  • Currently CarKey isn’t yet available because this is often beta 1, expected later beta versions we’ll be ready to use.

Control Center

  • For iPhone models that use the house button like iPhone 8 and below, swipe from rock bottom to access the center , which can now display battery capacity and Wi-Fi and phone signal icons at the highest .

Siri always feedback can tell Siri about Home

  • By default, Siri only hears “Hey Siri” within the condition that the iPhone has got to be tilted up, not covered, or out of the pants pocket.
  • But now you’ll activate Hey Siri and Siri can listen and feedback you even when the iPhone is facing down.
  • Go to settings – Accessibility – Siri – Check Always On

you can ask Siri to exit the Home screen, previously when you asked Siri to go to Home (for example: Hey Siri, go to home screen), Siri answered how to go to the Home screen and you had to follow it yourself, sometimes when your hands are busy and cannot be done.

Change keyboard function on iPad with external keyboard

  • iPadOS 13.4 beta allowed us to vary the function of the external keyboard connected to the iPad once you use Apple’s Smart Keyboard or any third-party bluetooth keyboard.
  • We can change the function of keys such as: Caps Lock, Control, Option, Command, globe key (switch language or emoji).
  • And the replaced functions also are within the above keys and have the Escape function added. for instance , you’ll change the world key to an Escape or Command function
  • Connect iPad to keyboard
  • Go to Settings – General settings – Keyboard – Hard keyboard

Memoji Sticker

  • Memoji Sticker may be a countenance supported the Memoji that you simply have created for you to send the method of messaging anywhere.
  • On iOS 13.4 beta has more expressions, expected Memoji Sticker within the future more abundant expression

notification when turning off the VPN

  • When you are employing a VPN on your iPhone, and once you turn it off, the VPN off icon will appear at the highest of the screen

Purchase middle apps on iOS / iPadOS / macOS

  • When we buy an app on iOS or macOS, we only buy it and use it together, Apple called it Universal Purchase.
  • Currently the applications we use on iOS, pay on iOS, but through the macOS platform must pay separately.
  • With Universal Purchase are going to be more convenient and economical for users

iCloud Folder Sharing

  • You can share iCloud folders similar to how you use Dropbox, iCloud Folder Sharing will be in the Files app, which is expected to be available soon.

Error detection

  • Error sync photos between iPhone and Apple Watch
  • Sometimes Siri cannot activate Siri on CarPlay
  • (CarPlay when this error can restart iPhone)
  • Encountered an error thrown out of Settings
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