Fix Apple Watch unable to pair iPhone in iOS 13 beta

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Fix Apple Watch not pairing with iPhone while in iOS 13 beta and watchOS 6 beta. The Apple Watch disconnects itself from the iPhone but is still in operation. The Apple Watch cannot be set to connect to an iPhone or is disconnected when disconnected

The Apple Watch disconnects itself from the iPhone but is still in operation

This error has been encountered on iOS 13 beta 4 and even though you have made sure that you have turned on bluetooth but still cannot pair with Apple Watch. On the Apple Watch, drag from the bottom to access the Control Center, will see the iPhone icon in the upper left shows red and a cross indicates that the pair has lost the iPhone


reset all Apple Watch and pair iPhone from the beginning
  • Click Digital Crown to go to Apps – select Settings – select General Settings pull down and press reset – select Continue Delete all content and settings
  • From the Watch app – choose your Apple Watch – click on the “i” icon – choose Unpair Apple Watch
  • Then pair Apple Watch and iPhone from the beginning

The Apple Watch could not establish a connection to the iPhone or is disconnected when disconnected

This is a fatal error when the Apple Watch is not in use and in pair mode. However, the connection is not accepted with the iPhone and so on happens even if you change a different iPhone to connect also not. (This error is encountered on iOS 13 beta 6 onwards)

Only iPhone devices that have been upgraded to iOS 13 beta can pair with watchOS 6
  • For iPhone, go to iOS 13 beta 5, select Settings – General settings – scroll down to select reset – reset line 2 (remember to backup) – When setting up your iPhone, select the backup version from beta 5.
  • When you are on beta 5, you will reset the Apple Watch by holding down the Digital Crown, wait for the screen to turn off, and then press the power button below the Digital Crown to reopen.
  • Pair iPhone and Apple Watch again and use normally
After pairing, you can upgrade iOS 13 beta to the latest versions normally
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