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Useful Flag of Google Chrome


Chromium browsers generally and Google Chrome specifically support running flags by the instruction, that permits you to run Chrome with a particular setting for every scenario. Some common commands and uses with shortcuts to quickly access Chrome with these flags.

To use it, just right click on the shortcut, in the target box, add the following flags

The command to turn off Chrome’s flag

  • –disable-sync
  • –ash-enable-night-light
  • –allow-outdated-plugins
  • –incognito
  • –disable-background-mode
  • –disable-translate
  • –start-maximized
  • –disable-gpu
  • –disable-plugins
  • –dns-prefetch-disable

Disable Sync – temporarily disable the companion feature: –disable-sync

In case you do not need what you’re doing on Chrome sync to Google, you can run Chrome with this command, it’s going to briefly turn off Chrome’s Sync function.

Turn on Night Light mode: –ash-enable-night-light

If you want 1 darkmode to work within the dark, or need to lessen the brightness, the light mode permit you to do it. you can upload this command to the following shortcut to run permanently.

Allow Chrome to run old Plugins: –allow-outdated-plugins

from time to time you accidentally update new versions, but the plugins in chrome do no longer but assist, leading to plugin crashes and being unusable, you could vegetarian5 Chrome with this command.

Running Chrome in incognito mode or safe mode: –incognito

To run Chrome in incognito or secure mode , you may upload this parameter after the shortcut, which is also used for you to watch those movies

Turn off applications that run in the background: –disable-background-mode

If you want to show off all packages, the venture runs within the historical past of Chrome, you may run with this parameter, it’s going to It makes chrome faster, but does no longer completely utilize Chrome’s capabilities.

Turn off Google Translate: –disable-translate

Each time you get right of entry to a internet site aside from Chrome’s setup language, it will ask in case you need to translate that internet site, every now and then it’s going to make you are aggravated due to the fact you preserve pronouncing it, to turn it off, you upload the subsequent parameter to your web page.

Launch Chrome in Maximized mode: –start-maximized

commonly, Chrome will consider the location and length of the ultimate window opened, in case you need to continually open Chrome at the biggest length, then upload it. enter this parameter.

Turn off GPU acceleration –disable-gpu

when you have issues the usage of Chrome to watch films, you may attempt the usage of this option.

Launch Chrome without running any plugins: –disable-plugins

you could use this mode if you want to run Chrome with out loading any plugins, this isn’t always an incognito mode. So the whole thing else is normal.

Turn off DNS hybrid mode: –dns-prefetch-disable

each time you get admission to a website through name, the IP cope with of the internet site may be remembered in Chrome, the subsequent time you get right of entry to it once more, Chrome will not carry out DNS resolution operations anymore. however, when the website’s IP changes, or there are greater web servers, then turning this off will assist you find the IP of the server closest to you => the browsing velocity can be progressed a touch.

Re-open tabs of previous use: –restore-last-session

once in a while Chrome will now not be capable of reopen vintage tabs while it crashed or turned off, the usage of this option will assist you reopen those tabs. What times to use earlier than. note that this must now not be used to do horrific matters

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