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turn Google into space for you to destroy monsters


Instructions for playing the Google Mini Game and fighting monsters in space together

Space Invaders is a small game from Google where you control a spaceship to fight against a series of monsters in outer space.
This game was very popular in the past because of its high entertainment value.
Such games are no longer as attractive these days, but it can still help you entertain those brief moments in your day.

Step 1: Here you go to Google’s Instant Games page.

Step 2: After entering the page, the game will start running immediately. You’ll use the A and S keys to move left and right, then press the spacebar to fire the bullet.

google universe
Step 3: You can shoot holes in the google characters to have more space to shoot monsters, or you can shoot from the gaps between the google characters.

google universe
You will have 2 lives, and the points you get will be recorded in the lower right corner. In addition, you can also use your bullets to shoot at the enemy’s bullets to make them explode

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