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Enable multi-threaded download for Chrome, accelerate like IDM


Parallel Download or so-called multithreading download may be a pretty useful feature built-in Chrome browser. This feature allows us to make three parallel streams at an equivalent time, greatly increasing the download speed compared to normal. and particularly the multi-threaded download feature are going to be activated when the method of downloading a file takes quite 2 seconds.

  • To activate, copy the following line and paste it into a new Chrome tab and press Enter
  • Next type Parallel Download into the search bar and then Enter
  • Next to Parallel Downloading, click the Default tab and select Enable
  • Click Relaunch in the bottom corner of the screen for Chrome to restart and save settings
  • If you want to bring this feature back to the default settings, repeat steps 1 and 2. Then change Enable back to Default and select Relaunch to be
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