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Listen to music on YouTube in the Music Mode interface


Music Mode for YouTube provides a distraction-free YouTube music interface. It’s like Reader Mode, stripping away the unnecessary components just you and the music. To listen to YouTube music in Music Mode with Music Mode for YouTube, there are two ways.

Chrome extension

Opening Music Mode via the extension will be faster and you just need to click on the link or reload the video page to access

  • Click Add to Chrome> Add extension to install the Music Mode for YouTube extension

Now, when you open any video on YouTube. The utility will automatically redirect to a new page with only the thumbnail image of the video and the controls for playback / pause and playback.

If you cannot access it, reload the video page. Music Mode can be turned on or off at any time, press the extension icon on the toolbar> turn the Music Mode enabled button to the left to turn off

Music Mode for YouTube website

This way, any browser can use Music Mode and not have to install the extension

  • The YouTube video ID is required
  • The string after the = sign is shown in the link below, and the ID is xpwnxG_6UTc.
  • Next, go to the address below and paste the YouTube video ID behind the equal sign> press Enter
https://dotspencer.github.io/music-mode/?id= and there will be a new link

Video playing in Music Mode is like accessing from an extension (essentially the same)

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