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Useful tips for AirPods users


Since Apple launched the Apple AirPods headset, it has become a symbol of youth because of its youthful, modern design … Here are some useful tips for AirPods users.

AirPods are compatible with products other than Apple

  • The synchronization time of AirPods will take about 3 seconds for mobile devices including non-Apple brands. The Apple W1 chip inside the headset is smart enough to identify surrounding sources and establish a connection quickly
  • To connect a new device, place the headset in the charger case and press the device detection button at the bottom of the box until the white LED blinks. At this point, AirPods will appear in the Bluetooth device list of Android phones, computers or SmartTV

When connecting AirPods to other non-Apple devices, users have to trade in some of the iOS-specific features such as stopping music when removing headphones or smart double-tap function. To connect AirPods to iPhone again just select it on the list of bluetooth devices that the iPhone has stored

Increase usage time by rotating charging

Apple AirPods have enough battery life for a standard working day, but if you need to work at high intensity, AirPods can be used and charged alternately for each earpiece.

The usage of one earpiece and charging the opposite side inside the charging box and then alternately changing, will not need to fear about missing any important information from your partner. the 2 earpiece of AirPods acquire and transmit alerts extremely smoothly, truly no interruption while exchanging every other.

Check battery life with iPhone

Users of Apple AirPods headphones do not need to “predict” the amount of battery in their headphones or check the remaining battery level by opening / opening the charger inconveniently.

With the Battery widget committed to iOS (which may be introduced to the Notification middle), customers can take a look at the remaining battery existence of AirPods and the charging field at the iPhone’s notification interface at any time.

Check battery life with Apple Watch

For those who own Apple Watch, the battery level of the headset is even easier to track with the Battery interface of Apple Watch Control Center. This interface completely displays the battery life of the watch, headset and charging field.

Rename the Apple AirPods headset

  • Interface Settings> Bluetooth, users can rename the AirPods headset to avoid confusion with other devices

Share music but not microphone

The two earpiece of AirPods can be used for you and your partner to listen to common music, but only one mic is activated when speaking, avoiding the phenomenon of both parties making the listener unable to hear clearly.

  • Activate in Settings> Bluetooth interface> AirPods> Microphone
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