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Movie a computer screen without using software


Normally, to go back to the laptop display screen, users want to use guide software consisting of Bandicam or VLC. however, for some reason that you can’t down load and install guide software, RecordScreen.io let you. RecordScreen.io is an online application that helps users quickly record computer screens into videos without having to perform complicated installation or configuration.

Open the web browser and go to “RecordScreen.io“.

The web interface will appear, click on the “RECORD!” Option.

The software will offer you with recording options, which includes display screen + Cam with the function of recording a pc screen and recording a webcam. And display screen most effective with the characteristic of recording simplest laptop screen.

Depending on your purpose, click the corresponding option, then press START RECORDING.

The application will ask you to license the use of microphones and record computer screens. Please click Allow to confirm.

Next, you will be asked to choose shared form of recording, including full screen (Your Entire Screen).

Only application, specific software screen (Application Windows).

And finally choose the Chrome tab.

After selecting, press proportion, the recording method will start. while you need to stop, press stop RECORDING.

The application will perform video recording and provide a link for you to download, as well as review the recorded content.

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