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Protect Android phones with Root security threats


The root your Android phone will bring more threats, risks of security . Currently, there are not many people rooting the phone. But for those who buy mobile phones, want to uninstall preinstalled apps, overclock, want to experience advanced features, they still find root. Here are a few tips for you to better protect your rooted Android Phone from threats and viruses.

  • Carefully manage root access – priority access: always be careful with applications that require root access in any way.
  • Application Permission Management : (When an application needs access to a special feature on your Android device, it is asking whether the operating system allows use, and that access is Permission, for example, when your camera app wants to attach GPS data to a photo, it must ask Android if it is allowed to enter GPS for positioning. Therefore, carefully manage your permissions, be careful when accepting permissions from applications to protect your data. You can use the Secure App Permission application to protect your Android device.
  • Use App Ops: turn on App Ops. It also helps you to manage in detail the permissions that the application requires. (From Android 6.0 and above, you can manage Permisssion right in the settings)
  • Adding a firewall: Adding a firewall creates a data barrier in your 3G / 4G roaming or Wi-Fi network. This way, you can prevent all your private data from being leaked. FWall + is a powerful Linus firewall, which will help limit access to private data through VPN or LAN. Meanwhile, NoRoot Firewall protects all personal information that you can send via the internet, which helps protect your domain name / IP address / server name. You can deny or allow specific connections through this application. On the other hand, with Android phones without Root – you can download the NetGuard application to use.
  • Use antivirus applications “genuine”: You should be careful with the applications that you install on your device, make sure it has absolutely no virus. Please install a good antivirus application.
  • Stay away from unlicensed applications : Download applications only from Google Play Store. Apps from unidentified, unlicensed sources often contain malware, spyware and harm your device.
  • Consider using System Cleaner: this security tool helps protect all external threats. App lock – the application key can be enabled so that your application is protected from any authorized access. (You can try the Clean Master application)
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