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Fix Macbook having lost voice errors


Many people experience annoying and annoying experiences when the MacBook loses its voice. When your MacBook loses audio, you ought to first check to ascertain if any audio devices are connecting your MacBook. you’ll be connecting to Bluetooth accidentally.

  • If your MacBook is not connected to another device, check your device’s Volume & Headphones setting to turn off the sound.

Check audio settings again

  • To check the sound settings again, open the Apple menu> select System Preferences> select Sound
  • The Sound interface appears> select Output
  • Select the audio output device in Select a device for sound output: select Internal Speakers or Digital Out to check the external speaker of the MacBook
  • Check if the Mute button is selected, and the Output Volume switch is at
  • If you’re at the lowest or the low end, you won’t hear the MacBook’s sound

Restore NVRAM or PRAM settings

  • After updating the system, the MacBook lost sound, you should restore NVRAM / PRAM settings
  • Turn off the MacBook, then reboot with the power button
  • After rebooting, press the key combination Command + Option + P + R until the MacBook reboots again.
  • When you hear the sound of your MacBook restarting, stop pressing keystrokes. The boot time this time will be a little longer than usual.
  • Thus, has restarted NVRAM / PRAM has finished.
  • Verify the sound of the machine has been and reset the MacBook clock properly

Update software to fix a lost MacBook

  • Check if the MacBook is using a new software version.
  • Open the Apple menu> select About This Mac and Software Update
  • Select Update. Software updates (if applicable, will appear). Select the appropriate software and select Updates

3rd software conflict

  • In some cases, MacBook audio does not work due to conflicts between 3rd party software. In particular, it often happens with audio and video editing software.
  • Open the Apple menu> select System Preferences> select Sound> select Output and select the appropriate output device for the software in use and check the settings for this device.

Check input device

  • The MacBook may lose sound due to the machine’s microphone conflict with the input devices being connected
  • Open the Apple menu> select System Preferences> select Sound> select Input to check if the Input volume switch is on and check Use ambient noise reduction.

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