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How to effectively fix the iPhone 7 Plus speaker is small


After a period of use, your phone’s speaker becomes small, making you feel uncomfortable when listening to music or watching movies.
So what causes the iPhone 7 Plus speaker to be small and how to fix it? fulltip will guide you how to fix it simply and effectively

Signs and causes of iPhone 7 Plus speakers are small

  • The sign of the speaker phone iphone 7 Plus is small
  • Your iPhone 7 Plus has a small speaker, making your experience more or less affected.
  • The signs that your smartphone has a small speaker are as follows:
  • During a call, even if you turn up the volume of the phone, you cannot hear the voice on the other end of the line clearly.
  • Even though you have turned on the loud ringtone mode, you still cannot hear the ringtone from the phone when there is an incoming call, message or new notification.
  • In some cases, when you listen to music, watch movies, play games or use other applications, the sound is many times smaller than usual.
  • Make your experience and entertainment lose its inherent perfection.

The reason why the iPhone speaker phone is small

There are two possible causes of audio errors on your iPhone that are software or hardware,
Hardware failure will directly affect your device and is also the cause of iPhone 7/7 Plus damaged speakerphone.

  • The motherboard is damaged, the speaker wire is broken, etc. Strong impact due to dropping.
  • If your phone is exposed to a humid environment or your device is dropped into water, the internal speaker will rust, corrode and eventually damage the phone speaker.
  • Your device is stuck in headset mode or bluetooth connection.
  • The speaker is dusty but not cleaned regularly, causing the speaker to be timid and not clear.
  • Your iPhone 7/7 Plus is still not updated to the latest version or the software is conflicting on your device

How to fix iPhone 7 Plus speaker error is small

  • Clean the speaker and restart the device
  • Gently cleaning the surface of the speaker with a small brush will help remove dirt from the speaker.
  • After cleaning the speaker, try to check if the speaker improves.
  • Restarting your iPhone will also make it more stable.
  • To restart your iPhonehone 7 Plus, press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons until the Apple logo appears, then release.

Restore iPhone to factory settings

The small iPhone7 Plus speaker is most likely due to a software conflict,
If you encounter this error, try factory resetting your iPhonehone to fix the small speaker problem.
Do the following:

  • Step 1: First, connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable.
  • Step 2: Next, open iTunes and click on the iPhonehone icon in the left corner.
  • Step 3: Click on Restore backup to make the factory reset process take place.

Note: When doing this, all data on your iPhone will disappear completely.
Therefore, before doing this, please back up important information

Check out the features of the iPhone 7 Plus

  • Try to check if your iPhone is in headphone mode,
  • If yes, please plug and unplug the jack about 2 times to help restore the iPhone to factory default mode.
  • Check the mute switch on the left side of the iPhone, most likely when using the phone,
  • You unknowingly flipped a switch, causing a small bug with the iPhone 7 Plus speaker.
  • Update iOS for iPhone by pressing Settings > Select General > Click Software Update
  • Speaker damaged by impact or water drop
  • If the phone is accidentally dropped into water or bumped, you should use a hair dryer to dry the speaker,
  • Avoid damaging the phone.
  • What’s more, you can also use the Sonic app to help push the water out.

Go to a reputable repair center

After trying to fix iPhone speaker bugs are small but still not improved, go to a reputable, safe and high quality warranty center for inspection and quick and efficient processing.

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