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Tips to become a pro in PUBG Mobile


PUBG Moblie has perpetually been a difficult game and needs gamers heaps of skills to win. for brand new players, you’ll most likely have heaps of difficulties beginning your journey. Mastering a number of the subsequent basic enjoying tips can create the sport easier.

Pay attention to the map as soon as the match takes place

One of the habits you wish to form for yourself with this game is to seem at the map. The immense parcel of land hides very fierce areas, simply creating you “evaporate” as shortly as you set foot down.

For example, within the Sanhok map, places like Bootcamp, Paradies Resort, Pai Nan, … square measure invariably the places wherever gunfights happen ceaselessly from the primary minute.

It will be advantageous if you jump a bit later, watch the opposite players parachute in any direction and select a location with fewer individuals, preserve lives, gain a lot of expertise to continue the fight. When you’ve hardened your hands, bring down any umbrella.

Search for weapons

You need to make the most of the time after landing. Please quickly loot the most suitable equipment. Weapons will always be a top priority. If you’re lucky enough to loot guns with strong firepower, your chances of survival are higher.

During the battle, pay attention to the suitability of each weapon with each terrain. If fighting indoors, submachine guns, or rifles like Uzi, Vector, M416 … or shotgun like S12K, S1897 will help you blow away enemies easily.

These rifles are more suited to fighting outside, with long range and strong firepower. Remember to collect all the accessories such as shock absorbers, viewfinder, ammunition for your weapons.

In the case of having to “squabble” with the opponent, a pan or knife is extremely useful for you in destroying the opponent. Do not miss anything, each weapon has its own strengths.

Observe the mini map

The mini map in the mobile version gives players more data than the PC. Observe hard, you will grasp many useful information such as enemy footprints, shooting directions.

The mini map also gives you a clearer view of the area you are trying to reach. From looking at the mini map, you can see the terrain of that area like: houses, grass, fences, places that can hide or attack the enemy.

And most importantly, the mini map shows how the circle moves, the timeline is narrowed, so you will know the time and direction of movement, as well as the location to “hide” waiting for the enemy.

Remember this is a survival game

If you want to be the ultimate winner, always remember that for this game, life is the most important. Please loot things quickly, patiently hide when necessary to find opportunities, avoid unnecessary fighting phases (not grasping the opponent’s position, too far distances, many obstacles, too long gun battle. revealed location …). Because all the players around you are stalking, listening to every footstep, just a little mistake, you will pay the price of failure.

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