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Use pistol effectively in PUBG Mobile


Pistols in PUBG Mobile are only used at the beginning of the game when the players have not yet found a better weapon. however, have you ever ever questioned that this type of pistol is vulnerable however still be up to date by using PUBG cell more new pistols. And there are achievements in the game that require you to apply a handgun.

in case you need to get rewards or need to kill greater correctly in the early recreation while there is most effective one pistol, take a look at this text. maybe it’ll assist you operate pistol greater efficiently in PUBG Mobile.

Tips for using a pistol effectively in PUBG Mobile

There are currently 7 types of pistols in PUBG Mobile (excluding Flare Gun)

Gun NameDamageAmmo TypeDefault magazineEffective range (meters)Shoot mode

those parameters are primarily based on the harm of a shot with a character without any protecting gear. real combat harm will be based totally on many different factors which include distance, defensive tools, where bullets fly.

Perhaps the reason why pistols are rarely used in PUBG Mobile is that the character can carry two main weapons. If one gun runs out of ammunition, you could use the other to retain. because of this motive, many gamers trust that armed with pistols now best add backpacks.

Many people frequently have a dependancy of selecting up some bullets and lots of recovery items at the quit of the conflict. due to the fact the gap inside the backpack at the moment handiest for the object to recover have to be fairly few bullets, it will not cost much bullets.

And in case you are attacked and must respond, it must be clearly frugal, it’s virtually bad that you have to confront 2-3 or extra enemies. right now the quantity of bullets will run out pretty fast, specially you geared up with guns using 7.62mm bullets. Now if you have a pistol it’ll be your closing weapon, but weak but better than nothing.

Moreover, the storage space for pistols is quite low (except for R1895 7.62mm bullets), most of the remaining pistols do not occupy much “area”. It is best to use P1911, R45 or P18C or Skorpion.

Besides, you must conjointly attach accessories connected to your gun. For example, you can attach silencer, reddot, extended magazine to increase efficiency when used.

At now the enemy won’t be ready to hear your gunshot outside the radius of 100m and even inside the radius won’t be detected while not paying shut attention, as a result of the sound of the gun once putting in silencer is incredibly tiny.

So if you lie still within the circle and use your last gun, it’s conjointly an affordable arrange if your 2 main guns have run out of ammunition.

If you pick up the unarmed rifles like R45, Sawed-off or R1895, you have to be very careful with each shot because if they fire, they will be quite noisy. Take a close look and make sure you eat it then pull the trigger, but if you see 2-3 or more enemies, stop it

Handguns in PUBG are not completely worthless, just that you do not realize the way to use them in the right occasions only.

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