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Install and delete apps, faces watch on Android Wear watch when connected to iOS


The disadvantage to connecting AndroidWear gadgets to iOS is that it is not possible to install app and watchfaces, nowadays i will manual you the way to extract faces, apps from the apk record to put in at once into the clock and a way to remove it while it is not needed

How to extract apk file to install directly on the clock

Default down load apk document on Play store mounted immediately at the watch will cannot use that we must extract a smaller apk file in the app that installs at the watch, then it really works, the precise manner is as follows

Open any apk file with winrar application (note this record have to aid androidwear to work)

Inside will see a series of folders, ae to the right path inside the apk file as follows 
res / raw will see 1 The apk file has the name “android_wear_micro_apk.apk” or a similar name like that, we will copy this fie apk, and use this file to install directly on the clock to work

How to install the apk file ( apps, faces) on the clock via adb protocol (applicable to devices with connected charging pins, not used with wireless charging devices)

1: down load the adb device and motive force to connect with the computer: down load , deploy the report ADBDriverInstaller.exe
2: turn on USB Debug mode by using going to: placing / about / touching 7 times into Buildnumber / back, it’ll appear that the section broaden alternatives / search ADB debugging once to permit then connect with laptop
3: in the folder Downloaded ADB, press Shift + proper mouse button to select open command window right here, type “adb devices” to test the tool connected to the computer, select allow on the clock to agree, laptop says XXXXXXXX devices are have already got connected device

4: Install apk file by: “adb install + drag and drop apk file directly into CMD window is displayed then enter”
Wait a bit, Success message is successful

How to uninstall apk file installed when not in use anymore

  • Still using adb, type the command: “adb shell pm list packages” to display the apps already in the clock
  • There will be a list displayed as “com.xxxxx.xxxx” for example “com.android.vending”
  • Delete it by the command: “adb uninstall com.xxxxx.xxxx” eg: “adb uninstall com.lge. watchface.fitness ”
  • Report Success is oke

Nice faces synthesis has been extracted to set directly on the watch

1 very beautiful watch faces extracted from LG Watch Urbane

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