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Protect your hearing with iOS 13 and watchOS 6


WatchOS 6 and iOS 13 aren’t long away, and each updates include new functions you may now not have recognised. With this yr’s version of watchOS 6 for Apple Watch and iOS thirteen for iPhone, Apple is deploying a pair of latest listening functions, designed to help you keep away from exposure to noisy environments and headphone degrees for long durations of time

In iOS 13, you can view the sound levels from the headset you use. Apple classifies headphone quantity tiers into decibels. On an iPhone running iOS thirteen, open the fitness app and click on on the search tab at the bottom. Then you may see a new “Hearing” choice, click on on it and you may see “Headphone Audio Levels.”

In this section of the fitness software, you can view specified statistics approximately your headphones sound degree for: hour, day, week, month and 12 months (while there is enough statistics). Apple then classifies your headset quantity as “ok” or “Loud.” long exposure beneath eighty decibels is considered “ok,” at the same time as repetition, sound at 80 or over eighty decibels can cause listening to damage and are taken into consideration “Loud.”

Via clicking the show all filters button, you could also filter out the audio tiers with the aid of headphone type, see which headphones make the best listening habit. It also presentations your every day common, extent variety and extra.

Apple says that the headphone degree works fine with its Beats and AirPods products, however that degree can be envisioned the use of different headsets.

In the meantime, the Apple Watch is also including its very own new functions to help protect your hearing. The Noise app on the new watchOS is designed to warn you with an Apple Watch when you’re in a loud surroundings that would damage your hearing.

To set this up, you need to open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. By default, the “Noise” app will alert you when your ambient sound level exceeds 90 decibels. You can adjust it to your liking, however. At 90dB, the World Health Organization says volume can damage your hearing after 30 minutes of exposure a day.

  • 80 decibels, Limit: About 5 hours / day
  • 85 decibels, Limit: About 2 hours / day
  • 90 decibels, Limited: About 30 minutes / day
  • 95 decibels, Limit: About 10 minutes / day
  • 100 decibels, Limit: About 3 minutes / day
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