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Install Driver for devices running Android Wear on Windows


You can easily connect devices running Android Wear to your Windows computer. But this only helps you to communicate with the device’s internal memory. If you want the device to be completely connected to the computer, you must install the driver for it. Here I would like to guide you to install Windows Driver to better connect with Android Wear devices. 

First you have to download Google USB Driver for your computer

  • Extract the downloaded file into a certain folder
  • Connect the device to your computer
  • Start the Windows’ Device Manager program, then select Other devices item on the list of connected hardware components of the computer. Next you right-click on the device’s icon without the Driver and select Update Driver Software …
  • You choose Browse my computer for driver software
  • You select the path to the folder where the Driver has been previously extracted.
  • Next, select the value of Driver as Android Device
  • So it has been successfully installed

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